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Back from B.R.I bristol Hospital After Major Bleed :-(

Well timing could not be worse,

My mrs had a baby daughter sunday at taunton hospital 8ib 13oz was hard no sleep but so worth it :-)

On the monday i took our nr 4 year old out for drive in my van get away so mrs could rest i ve had odd nose bleed bit blood brought up but thought me doing too much family wise say!

I felt hot anyways after hour nearly at cribbs junction m5 i started coughin up alot blood best part pint (I ve lost so much blood able work out what lose from way i feel too) So parked for while and drove home steady as was more worried about my boy!

Got home and my father took me up to bri as mrs and mum stayed with our babys!

I stayed in for few days out wednesday night on over 38 tablets a day now 40gms steriods,acid tablets thicken blood,anti biotics,lots apin killers,few others aswell :-(

Still feeling rough bringing up old clots of blood

Been few years since bleed this bad tho,Had lot stress with new arrival,family stuff and illnesses not helping aswell

Joys having hughes stovin suppose,They think me stopping azathioprine and low dose steriods has not helped so in few weeks time hopin to get back on azathioprine and fingers crossed are be better once again

all best

james withers and family

weston super mare

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What a rough time you've had! Really feel for you, and your family.

Hope things get steadier very soon.

But tons of congratulations too on your new baby girl - enjoy this special time, but try and rest too if that's possible :-)

Klaris x


Oh James Hun, super big congratulations to you and your lovely wife for the arrival of your beautiful new baby ! :)

So sorry to hear you have been in the hospital again and under such nasty circumstances. It must make you feel very worn down hun and very weary at times. Of course it is made all the more difficult when you have a young family to care for as are never an easy way of life are they ?...... but oh so worth all the time and energy involved. LOL.

Glad to hear you are now back home again to enjoy your fabulous family and especially your new precious bundle and her older brother. Super well done to your wife as little Miss Withers was quite a bundle to bring into the world wasn't she ? :)

Try to take it a little carefully and be kind to yourself hun okay?

Big hugs xx

Tootles !


Hi James

Just to let you know we are thinking of you and your family over here in Oz. And I thought I was doing it tough!



Hi ...CONGRATS on the birth of your new baby.

I was taking the same med as you .....But had terrible reaction to azathiopine. .....bleeding in my stomach and my pancreas and liver went haywire.

I'm now on mycrofenalate.morfiteil alongside taking steroids every day for the last 4 years.

My doctor said that azathriopine was a hard drug to take .!!!


Congratulations and hope you are soon feeling better


Congratulations James on the birth of your baby daughter! So sorry you have not been well. Hope you feel better soon.




many thanks all,

I stopped azathioprine as we had misscarriage b4 and thought it was because of the drug but there has been alot stress at home,we did a extension which helped brother to do on are home as folks own a touring caravan site and I spend all my money from selling my house to set it all up mortgage free as unable work now :-(

Daughter is brudle of joy,Best thing that has happened wince we had our boy!

Pain is getting worse hard to rest when kids jobs to do taken tramadol and zappains everey 4-6 hrs and still ache!

Behcets i can live with this hughes stovin the hard bit bringing up blood forgot how bad it felt too!

thank you everyone,

Kind regards

james n family

x x x x


James what a crock of poo! But oh how sweet it is to have a new baby in the house - tiring though. Bringing up blood is scary, I know, but I've never brought up the same vast amount as you. These are horrid disease we have and those of us lucky enough to have a happy home life are blessed - imagine how much worse it would all be if you were in an unhappy relationship! I don't think I could do it alone.

Enjoy that new baby and pamper the four year old, letting him know how special he is too.

Big love coming your way.



thanks all,

had real bad evening

trying spend time with kids play bit was not a good idea,

always stayed in hosp bed for few weeks when this has happened past so not surprising is it :-(

So hope feel better soon,tablets making feel bunged up and tiered too!

I was hoping to try get back work full time this year too but no chance now :-(

Always happens to the best of us suppose

have a good weekend everyone

all the best

james + family

X x X


Hi James,

Fabulous news about the new baby. Hopefully a few months down the track all will have settled down.

The only good thing I say about this disease is that my children are older and don't need daily care so my heart goes out to you.

Hoping that English strong upper lip will kick in soon.

Like Lesley said best wishes from Australia



Dear James,

I truly feel for you. To be a new parent is, yes difficult but so joyous. I hope you can get enough sleep to help your body cope better. It is such a wonderful time, new life & you deserve the best of health to enjoy it.

Good luck



Yes all fun,our son loves hes little sister!

off to bristol may 2 see my doctors have few tests which are needed and see if i can hit this bd hard!

Nothing worse then bringing up blood infront of my poor son :-(

One worse bleeds had in last 5 years for sure,Just glad not as bad as bleed had in 2004 when docs put me on bloody warfrin

Going buy some more +20 honey too helps but expensive




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