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Ankles and Feet + medications/alternatives


I have read a few posts where people have bad issues with ankles and feet and I am one of those people, I was wondering what people are doing to relieve this situation, I started swimming, as recommended by rheumatologist, and had too stop because my ankles at the joint became very painful so I am not looking into some kind of support to perhaps help when swimming, any ideas on what product(s) would be gratefully received. I've tried strengthening exercises which has helped in other ways but not with the pain in the ankles and feet after walking, some days are worse than others but I hardly ever get a day off from discomfort. My life and my hobbies have all virtually come to a stop for the time being which is not brilliant and is getting me really down. GP locum has just increased Colchicine yesterday only because I have asked for it, had not got a clue about BD... does Colchicine help relieve any pain in this area? Not able to take anti inflammatories has anyone got an alternative that I can buy myself, I am using aloe vera and voltarol cream, not sure I should be using the latter or even if it helps... Thanks, Gillian

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Sorry to hear about your bad feet and ankle.

I've been having terrible ankle pain too. GP gave me an exercise to do which I found helpful. It's writing out the alphabet in the air with your foot (moving ankle not whole leg). Hope that makes sense. Weird but I find helpful and you can do it in a spare moment very easily. Imagine your foot is a sparkler!

Let me know if it helps. Sorry - no info on ankle support.

Best wishes


gillianTS in reply to sian35

Hi, thank you for your reply, yes I had these to do from physio which did not appear to help but I will start to try them again. I am investigating the neoprene ankle supports with a cut out heel for swimming just waiting for a response back before I purchase and try them out.

Hi. I've recently started taking turmeric capsules which are naturally anti inflammatory for inflammation in my skin and have noticed a difference in my joints too. I too have ankle pain but this has improved. It might not work for you as everyone is different but is cheap enough to give it a try. Good luck x

gillianTS in reply to cherie1w74

Hi Cherie1w74, I too use turmeric in the form that is known as golden paste (GP), I started using it about 4 months ago, it is made up of turmeric, pepper and coconut oil, I opt not to use the cinnamon, I use it in some of my cups of coffee daily and some food recipes, I cannot say whether I have felt any improvements in my ankles but I do think it has helped with the swelling on the inside of my knees, I feel it is a good thing to take for all of its other benefits, maybe I should increase the amount I am taking. I was advised not to take the turmeric capsules or was put off them because of reading this, and decided to make my own GP: "Turmeric tablets and capsules, produced commercially, @ 95% curcumin, are not recommended for ingestion beyond three months" the details are listed in this useful Australian website all about turmeric: thank you for your reply, Gillian x

Gillian and Cherie that's interesting about the turmeric I have been looking in to it. I too have bad ankles, muscles, joints, head problems and ulcers thanks to BD. Just wondering if it's ok to take while on Colchicine? I had to increase it to 3 tablets per day to try and keep the pain down. It worked but after lowering it again it's back.

gillianTS in reply to Michja

Hi Michja, I am taking turmeric whilst taking Colchicine I have only recently started this drug on a trial basis and so far no issues with using turmeric in the form of golden paste, you need to start off using small amounts and increasing as well as taking at the same time as eating food since it can make you feel the need to go to the loo... I usually have 2-3 teaspoons daily now in coffee but I will be looking to change the coffee as I feel this is not helping and creating a diuretic! maybe try warm milk since it does not taste great in red tea.

I have just increased my dose of Colchicine on Thursday so still too early to tell how successful this will be for me, to be honest the ulcers I have managed for decades but the increased joint paint and inflammation is getting worse and the flares are coming more frequently. I was interested in reading you increased your dose of Colchicine to 3 and you felt it worked with the pain and then reducing brings it back, is this 3mg per day once a day? Do you ever stop taking when you are not having too many issues? Thanks for your reply, Gillian

Avoiding black tea and coffee could help.

Keep food diary.

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