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Intense vertigo and betahistine



I happened upon this site when researching vertigo and betahistine. I woke up with intense vertigo last Saturday morning, so 6 full days now. I got in to see my doctor yesterday and she prescribed betahistine, one 16mg tablet 3 times daily. When I got home yesterday, I started taking them, so I am about to take my 5th one before going to bed.

My question is, for anyone who gets relief from the vertigo when taking this medication, about how long did it take until you felt some relief.

I'm not sure how much longer I can cope on this tilt-a-whirl, so I would be very grateful for any help/support/ideas/thoughts!

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Hello, I take the same 3 times a day. Took me longer than that to get it in my system. We're all different but keep it up for a little longer and take it with food. Jean

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Thank you so much!


Sorry I have no experience of betahistine but Joe (sunvox) told us about

I am trying the french version Tanganil - made for vertigo - MAY help? x

Hi I have same and have taken these tablets since 2nd March and I've found them to really help me that I haven't had the symptoms again I asked my gp once I've had them what do I do? He has given me another 2 months to take and I've booked to see a specialist in may to see what he suggests. The feelings are deadful and if these tablets help then I want to stay on them. I'm sure they will work for you too. Good luck

Oh sweetie i feel for you chin up x

Hi debijoy

Yes I suffer from tinnitus and sometimes vertigo. I find Betahistine helps. They are on my repeat scripts.

Hope you feel better soon.

I gave up today vommited for the 1st time just constant nausea before. Serc 16 and stemital werent working it was the constant 430am wake feeling sick. Today after vommited i went to a chiropractor. So far nausea 95% gone and ringing 98% gone. Didnt do Eply just manipulation see if the bppv goes waking up tomorrow will be the kicker x

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Hi Suzy

I agree with you I had it For approx 5 months felt better when I came off of it had heavy head pressure I have never had dizziness though I think I have ETD specialist seem clueless


I used to have episodes of vertigo for a few days. My gp did prescribe betahistine but didn't work for me. The neurologist said it is a form of migraine, so I take migraine meds and go to bed. I don't get up til the vertigo has gone. Now I know that if I start to feel dizzy then it's time to rest.

Not necessarily same thing for you though!

Good luck sorting it

love Alison x

Hi Debbie, sorry to hear you a problem with Vertigo , I have suffered with this for some time I also suffered balance problems. My GP diagnosed Meniers and prescribed Betahistine I took the tablets as instructions and after week or so the symptoms were very much improved a further weeks medication showed further improvement. Unfortunately I was starting to itch and it was not long before I developed a rash on my chest and the itching broke out in several places. I went to see my GP who took me off the betahistine immediately, this did help to stop the reaction after about a week the Virtigo and balance problems started again but the rash and itching did not stop immediately.

You would be wise to ask your GP about any reactions you may develop.

Good luck.


Been on 8mg betahistine 3 times a day for the last 3 months which have helped and for the last month or so I have had numbness in fingers and my arm half way up which feels like it's asleep, I mentioned to my doctor about it and I also mentioned it's a side affect of the tablet if looked online but she has put it down to a trapped nerve in the neck and I'm not sure if I should come off them and see how I go but but like to know if anyone else has suffered the same numbness? Just a note I also take amitriptyline for aching fingers.

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