I have just been given the above 16mg as had 2 bouts of severe spinning with nausea & vomiting - have to take them for two weeks then go back to my doctors - he says I have inner ear imbalance - hopefully these will work and no other investigations needed.

How long do they take to start feeling better - I have only been on them for 24hrs but this nausea & feeling quite sick is debilitating!

I have been told to rest!

Thanks for reading 😊

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  • I was given these years ago before being diagnosed with ataxia and they did not suit me at all. Maybe worth seeing your gp again if there is no improvement.

  • Thank you 😊

  • Hi I think I too have the ear problem - but my ENT did not give me any medicine - she referred me to physiotherapy - may be you should try physio????

  • Hi Amynah,

    The tablets are now working, they did take about 5 days. I go back to see my gp on 5th August, i am going to ask for a scan as i think it is a problem with my neck that is causing the issue!!


  • I was put on these initially but they didn't suit me. Co-Amilazode worked for a while until my SCA progressed further. I also still have regular Epley manoeuvres which give temporary relief.

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