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Does anyone use Betahistine for dizziness and nausea?


I have been taking Betahistine on a regular basis for quite a few months now and any kind of dizziness I occasionally get is mild. Previously I tended to get bouts of sickness and dizziness. Doctor thinks I may have Meniers Syndrome and prescribed me Betahistine tabs. I found them very helpful.

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Hi Iain

Delighted they have been helpful. Long may it continue!


Hi Ian yes I have been on the for 2 year now and find them very good There were days when I could do nothing for

stagering and feeling sick I now only have mild occurrence providing I keep taken them.Good Luck Shuggie

Yes I take betahistine, I have taken it for ??? about 10 yrs.

I don't have menizures disease. But the dizziness I suffered from was unbearable, about a year ago it was suggested that I came off them, it all came back, crawling as I couldn't stand vomiting etc

The Doctor has now promised that I can stay on them I am having 16mgs prescribed x3 a day but manage with x2

I would recommend them to anyone,

I have Hughes syndrome and I think that might of caused some of my problems

I have now been on them for 3 years and take 1 tablet 3 times a day ........ I was prescribed them for severe vertigo, they are great, my stumbles are few and far between and the nausea is non existent for most of the time. I would hate to have to go back to coping without them

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Hi Hun do you know what's causing your vertigo ?? Did they do any other tests ? I've been suffering few weeks now and it Knicks me got six docs put me on Betahistine after I told him about my symptoms and that's it said see how u go on these they have mad me feel better soon what does this mean


Thanks for your replies. Nice to hear other people benefit from Bethahistine. I believe the tabs to be relatively safe to use on a regular basis. I get no side effects from using them.

I have tried them, but now I take Zolmitriptan as I was told by the neurologist that my episodes of nausea and vertigo (which lasted days or even weeks) are a form of migraine. So now i take the Zolmitriptan as soon as the vertigo starts and i realise its setting in and usually with a second zolmitriptan a couple of hours later the problem is solved. Maybe you could ask your neurologists about it.

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I'm going to look into this wibbltwobbly as I no longer take Betahistine because recently an episode had occurred when I had been taking the tab regularly. Thanks

Sue, wife with Alzheimer's, tried Betahistine for some dizziness. This either coincided with the start of night terrors or started them, that is something we will never know I suppose. After taking them for a few days I stopped them and while the night terrors are less frequent they are still there as are 'people' visiting her during the day. Alzheimer's patients might need to take care.

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Think you are better to consult your doctor about your problem WirelessPaul to find out if Betahistine is/was the cause of the complication.

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Thanks Iain25, Informed the DR that we had stopped the Betahistine and she agreed. I doubt if Dr's will be able to say one way or the other as no one knows anything about Alzheimer's except the nationally used drugs and how 'individual' it is.

on Friday experienced dreadful dizziness have been suffering from continuous cold since January on and off various inhalers and the colds would start again 3 lots of antibiotics and two of steroids never ending . Friday was soo scary back again to GP put me on betahistine and proclorazapine and chaged inhalers to symbicort so far so good dizziness is getting less but will it go away

Yes I have menieres it's awful layed out flat for 6weeks

taken this medication and it helps me so much ..I did stop thinking I'd be ok but the dizziness came back kept falling to the side

Vertigo is a symptom in which individuals experience a false sensation of movement. This type of dizziness is thought to originate in the inner ear balance organ or its connections to the brain. It is a commonly experienced symptom and can cause significant problems with carrying out normal activities. Betahistine is a drug that may work by improving blood flow to the inner ear. Read more InternationalDrugmart website

I have had wobbly legs since 10 Jun when we had a heavy landing going on holiday when I came back to England went to doctor prescribed prochlorperazine good for nausea which I had mildly no dizziness just jelly/ stiff legs and inner ear pressure saw another doctor who can perform epley manoeuvre but symptoms not suitable he changed tablets to betahistine ear pressure in 2 days easing

And been referred to ear nose throat specialist

Hope this is useful cheers miche123

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Hi Miche123, how long did you have labyrinthitis for? I've got it the nausea has stopped but the dizziness comes and goes.

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Hi powers10 I have been to a specialist before Christmas he think it is hormonal migraines and yes I still have this as I do not suffer dizziness and never have

Hi Iain just recently I have discovered ginger capsules for the nausea I get with the Labrinthitus and I am finding these very beneficial along with betahistine

Im new here...i was wondering if anyone can advise, ?it all started for me 2014 when i was suffering very bad headaches, not the normal pains of a headache but i.would describe them as severe headaches, i was at university studying a criminology degree and im not sure how i walked out from there graduating with a 2:1:)..anyhow the dizziness startes straightafter and i initially thought it was me being anemic but later on find i suffer vertigo, after undergoing several tests to my ear and the tinnitus i suffered, iv been put on betahistine 16mg 3 times a day, works as it eliviates the dizziness and it all comes back the minute i stop, i suffer very badly with head,ear fullness and overall trying to funtion and lead a normal life, it is horrible and working in retail doesn't help:(, i guess this debilitating thing i have has stopped me perusing alot better for me, i feel nobody understands this situation i am in,not even my kids as i am a singleparent which poses other problems..i have been referred to neurolgy as the doc things its not just ear but brain related. I just want some form of life back without the pain and knowing im living with this condition, can anyone relate,?thanks

I am 70 yrs old,a heart patient,type 2 diabetic,hypertensive and also suffers from Meniere's disease(tinnitus,fullness of the ear and dizziness) doctor prescribed betahistine for my dizziness and it was a great help..I take 16mg, 2x a day..when I stop taking it..the fainting spells came back,so i guess i should take it regularly..

Hi Iain25, I've had Tinnitus for years Premier League Volume,couple of months ago the volume decreased suddenly and I had a vertigo attack,doc put me on Betahistamine and they have helped with my balance,dreadful headaches though! Regards Jeff

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Hi there, may I know if you still taking the medicine? Does it help with the vertigo?

I have been taking one at night and wake up in morning with dreadful headaches

Hi Lain....

I had a vertigo since 2012. In 2012 I had once and it last me a month and then in 2015 once during my pregnancy and then this year 2018 in February and last for almost 2 months and, I was given this bethastine medicine 24mg once a day. May I know if this medicine really works for dizziness? Like lightheaded, swaying etc....

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