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Are vertigo and dizziness the same thing? MY PT says they are but I don't think so nor does my neurologist. As I explained to someone, as an Ataxian, I have permanent swaying but a recent fall brought on (I think) vertigo--which to me is a very profound sense of dizziness. I did not check this out but the fall left me with a bump on the scalp and now an abrasion of some kind. Not sure there is any treatment for this. I slipped because my husband had the flu and needed help and threw his clothes in a dark room all about. Does this make sense to anyone?

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  • I had the same problem, about a year ago, when I fell and got a good bump on my head. Vertigo and dizziness are not the same thing. Look up the meanings in the dictionary. Having CA I have a problem with "swaying". Once I start losing my balance, and start to fall, I cannot right myself. I just tumble down, which is why the doctor told me I needed a sturdy walking stick.

  • Thanx for this...N

  • Hi Neta, I have the same symptoms and not sure which is which! I can't look up to get anything unless it's eye level as I fall backwards and feel strange. I hope someone can explain this x

  • I answered you and it vanished. I admit that I am not Miss Tech 2017! What I said (the gist) was that if this swaying thing is always with you, it might be the hell of "ordinary" ataxia. My PT would say exercise your butt off but avoid movements that make everything worse. My MD would say, check it out medically. Either way feel good! N

  • Thanks Neta, at least I know I'm not alone. It is a living hell! x

  • Yes it is hell and all the wrong people have it.

  • I agree with you. I tend to raise my voice when I don't mean to and get told "there's no need" I can't even answer the phone. It's so cruel x

  • Right. Why didn't Stalin have this? Or Hitler? Why me? Why you? Ive been told not to ask those questions but it so human and anyway the '''just b happy" stuff doesn't work with me.x

  • Oh Neta you are so right why us? I thought my Diabetes was bad, having to inject twice a day but this Ataxia is so so nasty, its taken my life away can't believe there's no cure x

  • i agree. Its life-altering and I wonder if anyone knows of it besides sufferers. iIts like a secret curse. xx

  • Hi

    I think the answer is that vertigo and dizziness go hand in hand. The end result is a problem with balance. A further problem is sight which in my case is deteriorating. I find that I can't turn and look at a person when they talk to me which can seem very rude------no eye to eye contact!! Does anyone else have this problem and if so are there any tips to deal with this?

    Good luck Ted

  • Hi Ted, my eyesight is affected by my Ataxia. I find it hard to focus and have been started on Baclofen and it does help.

  • I find if I just blink it goes jet black where up until a few months ago closing my eyes you could still sort of make out a light also if i look at people face on I have to turn my head away don't know why then I fall over and can't get up,this short note has taken me nearly 30 mins to type due to shakes holding on buttons too long etc

  • HI GuyB and thanks for getting back to me. I guess we have different things. I don't know about this jet black thing. Perhaps that is in my future. Who knows. I appreciate your writing I know its hard. But look on the bright side. At least it didn't take more time. Maybe Balcofen as another reader here writes. N

  • Hi there Ted,

    I don't agree with you unless my words are wrong. I think vertigo is something powerful and sudden. Ataxia related movement impediments are always there. R U saying that the ataxia swaying can become vertigo?? That's very disheartening if true. Regarding your sight, that too, is very harsh. I suppose you have done all the obvious things like getting new glasses etc. I do not know of this saga but eyesight is important and I would keep searching for Neuropthamologvists-- if such people exist.Feel well, N

  • I always thought true 'vertigo' was brought on by an imbalance of crystals in ones ears. If you have vertigo, the room literally feels like it's spinning and you have a bad case of dizziness. With ataxia, as others have said, one sways (body) and has vision problems causing falls if you try to look up or sideways, etc., due to lack of focus problems. So, no, vertigo and ataxia dizziness have different causes as far as I'm concerned, although one feels severely dizzy with vertigo! Confusing to say the least...,ha! My best to you..., ;o)

  • I agree with you totally.I think my vertigo (room spinning, nausea etc) is from my recent fall. The ataxia-dizziness is something else. My fear was/is that they would merge somehow. Thanks for your insights N

  • I agree I think this described it the best.

  • You're so welcome, Neta!!! I hope you feel better soon...

  • Yes I agree vertigo is associated with crystals in the ear. The room spins even when lying down. I have a problem in differentiating dizziness with light-headed ness. The latter can last all day and I have a foggy feeling that goes with. Looking up suddenly results in feeling of falling backwards.

    By the way I had to bang my husbands head just behind his ear three times a day for one minute and it did cure his vertigo. No often one gets a chance to legally do that to one's spouse. !!

  • Who feels that it's like the sensation yyoo got as a childn when you got off fairground waltzer

  • LOL Pec2884; I agree with your assessment of vertigo and dizziness.N

  • My GP says there are 2 types of vegtigo, one where you go dizzy and the room spins if you move your head slightly and makes you nauseous and one where you are light headed all the time. I get both and they are both horrid s

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