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How long can you take betahystine for? My doc prescribed them for me for vertigo, I have had a MRI scan done which showed nothing out of the ordinary. However I have been on them for nearly 6 months now but if I stop taking them the dizziness and pressure in my head starts to come back. I also suffer from migraine and need an eye op for narrowing of the channels of the eyes. I had to give up my driving job due to the dizziness and now work in a shop. I just want to know if I can continue taking betahystine long term

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Hi Rottiemummy I was like you was on betahistine for about 5 months the doctor said Labrinthitus though I had no dizziness but the feeling of motion sickness in stomach had m r I scan nothing showed and audiologist

Came off betahistine now on amitipilyn and avamys nasal spray much more manageable hope you improve soon miche123

hello - I have been taking betahistine for many years with no problem. I just take a maintenance dose now of 8mg twice a day but started out on 32mg.

Isn't their nothing herbal you can take??SEARCH THE NET. BUT FIRST TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR.

I have been on them for 8 years now for my vertigo and it also helps with my balance , I have had small breaks from taking them , but the breaks have only been for a few months , just to see if I still needed them, which I do. I was on Amitriptilyn but they did not agree with me, Everyone reacts different to different medications so what works for one person may not be so good for another. I do hope you find the right medication for you


I have been taking Betahistine for many years too, I take 2 16mg a day, it helps with dizziness as I find if I stop taking them it’s worse. It was thought to be Meneires or labrinthytis. My angles closed in my eyes and had YAG procedure on my eyes, this has helped too. Amtryptin or Gabapentin gave me terrible side effects so don’t work for me. Good luck on your eye procedure.

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