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The things we do for our children

I did something late last night that i has kept me awake all night. I picked up a dead cat off the kerb outside my house :-( i saw it playing out in the street just a couple hours earlier and when i looked out again there it was dead. I couldnt leave it there. There was no way the children wouldnt notice it in the morning and i could only imagaine the effect it would have on them. I was picking it up crying and just kept appologising to it i felt awful the poor little thing. Now i have the task of tracing the owners.

Ironically i was phoning my landlord today to see if i could have a kitten. Do i take this as a sign?

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I can imagine how that must have made you feel & even with anxiety , shows what wonderful parents we still are as your thoughts were with your children & not yourself , bless you

You were very brave , I wouldn't have been able to do it , I would have been banging on peoples doors till I found someone to do it for me , so well done & you have no reason to feel guilty , that was a very kind act you did there

I hope you can trace the owners , but if you cant , you have done the best you can , don't forget that , a lot more than some would do

I find most people that suffer with anxiety , like you are very caring loving people , you actions show this to be true

Don't take this as a sign , if you want a kitten , have one , your children would love it & they do say animals are known to keep peoples stress levels down , so it could be a help to you as well

Let us no how you go on





Hi I think the fact that you were able to do that shows how much of an animal lover you really are. That was such a thoughtful thing to do. I couldn't have done it x go get that kitten it will be very lucky to have you x


Thankyou both for saying such lovely things. I never imagined i would have been able to do anything like that until i just had to. I just know i wouldnt have slept knowing it was there. Poor little thing was someones pet and i would have been worrying about the kids seeing it.

You are right whywhy i am strangely racked with guilt wld love to get my hands on the people that knocked it over and left word scum. Anyways my dad took me to the vets the receptionist looked at me like i was alien but if there is a chance the owners can be traced it will bring them closure xx


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