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So, went to Prison today to listen to some very interesting speakers from many different groups that exist to help people through difficult issues.Depression and anxiety were right up there amongst the biggies at the top of the list.

I discovered today just how many groups are out there to help if you can find them.All the speakers today were local to Lancashire and their groups also ,so perhaps not available near you but you can be sure there will be similar in your area.

The one piece of advise I can give is to explore all avenues with regard to finding this help,dont assume your Doctor will know,perhaps NHS direct or your local Hospital would know more.

All I know is this,talking face to face really helps me,meeting others helps,they inspire and understand because they are or have been there,who else could understand more fully.

Anyway after our Prison Hot Pot dinner,we listened to more interesting talks and then escaped en mass to taste freedom for the first time since 10 that morning,talk about Shawshank! All in all,a very interesting one.

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Hi, that sounds like it was interesting...glad you got out safely :)

Also it's true I bet there are services we don't know about,,I live in the south about 40 miles from London so I bet there are a few, I hope so..



Does sound like an interesting day, bet it was nice to be out again though :) I'm sure you're right about the services, just a case of finding them. I know that MIND run a few courses and do drop in cafes etc.


All well and good if you can leave the house. I may as well be tagged lol. :-)


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