If you have read my previous blogs,you may have understood my last one"the drugs don't work".For those of you who don't get it,I am not suggesting you become an alcoholic to get better anxiety treatment.Why the hell would I suggest that 6 years into my own recovery,6 years dry and still able to get help for other issues based on the fact I had a drink issue,that was my point.If you still don't get it,perhaps you could get anxiety help by telling the doctor you perhaps drink a bit too much,you get me!Get help by any means possible.


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  • Not quite sure I get you no

    I am 20 years , yes 20 years , into my recovery & dry , I never use my drinking days though as a way to get help quicker , I believe in honesty , it may take you down a longer road , but to stay sober , I need to be honest , so I just always tell how it is

    There could be someone in a mess , still drinking , that needs help before me , & I would hate to think I skipped the Que , but that's just me

    Each to their own though


  • I agree with you, Why, and I know you're an honest person! Quite apart from the ethics involved, how can a doctor/counsellor help us if we're not honest with them, because they wouldn't be treating the person we are, but the person we're pretending to be - which can't in itself be good for our mental health! I think you've done fantastically well - 20 years dry - that's an enormous achievement! Well done, hun! xxxx

  • Its not just that as well , if you say this to a good doctor , you will be asked , what you drink , how much , when , where ?

    So what would start of as a little lie , you would have to be prepared to maybe build on it & who knows where that could lead & could your anxiety deal with that

    Sorry on this one , I wont budge , I think for me it would be the worse idea possible , to come out with


  • Who said anything about being dishonest,my Doctor knows my history,it was his idea to go down this route,what do you suppose is left after detox,after the physical withdrawal,what is left are the mental scars.You wont get treatment for mental issues whilst in drink,been there,done that.How many on here take a drink to relieve anxiety,does it work,no,so tell the doctor what you do,it is not a lie to say you drink due to anxiety or is your anxiety due to drink?

    I cant see the dishonesty there,some drinkers suffer anxiety some do not and are treated accordingly.

  • I'm still confused! You say above: - "If you still don't get it,perhaps you could get anxiety help by telling the doctor you perhaps drink a bit too much,you get me!Get help by any means possible." But not everyone does drink too much, (I don't drink at all!) so this could read as suggesting people lie about their drinking to get help - that's certainly how I read your original suggestion! And in any case, most comprehensive mental health assessments ask about alcohol/drug abuse.

    I'm sorry, but to me both this and your previous blog could be read as suggesting people lie about drinking too much in order to get help, and I agree with Whywhy2 that this is neither ethical nor, in the long-term, personally helpful.


  • Each to their own , just not what I would do


  • Do people want to get well or visit "the land of make believe"

  • Erm, give me a minute......

    I'll stay in the land of make believe please sir, if you don't mind lol

    Fank yoo very much x :-)

  • Of course people want to get well , but what works for one , doesn't work for others

    I am sorry if you feel put out that your way might not be the way others wish to take , but I think your comment is out or order "Do people want to get well or visit the land of make believe " I don't see what qualifications you have above others to make this statement

    I come on here with an open mind to all suggestions , & then to feel free to choose which ones I feel will benefit me as an individual

    I do my up most to be kind & considerate to all on this site , but I wont sit back & say nothing if I feel something could be misleading

    I am sorry if the fact I don't agree with you has upset you , but please accept as adults , on this one we will have to agree to disagree

    Thank you



  • Well said, Why, couldn't agree more! And surely saying you drink too much when you don't IS visiting the "land of make-believe"!!!!


  • I have the best possible qualification,I am feeling better because my way is working for me,so there you have absolute proof that at least for one person,it works.Nothing upsets me on this site,why would it,I am feeling better.I just don't think visiting make believe places serves any purpose,you cant live there permanently,just my opinion.

  • Agree to disagree ? as said previously

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