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Just started a new type of therapy, anyone else??

I have just started seeing a new therapist last week, to specifically deal with my anxiety disorder, well, even after one session it was extremely intense and has taken me a week to recover. I have to continue with this as this anxiety has ruined my life enough and i want to start living again! however, Im finding the run up to tuesday (therapy day)very difficult. i literally feel sick,im on edge,nervous about it and have a general feeling of discomfort about the day ahead. does anyone else get this and what can i do to calm myself before my sessions?

Im totally confuddled! :)

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It does take a while to get a rappor with a new therapist, I get like a nervous excitement, which can feel just like anxiety when I'm waiting for my next appointment.

I just sit or stand focus on the present moment, breathe, smile, and trust myself.

You will be ok, look at your feelings, smile at them, sit down with them, and have a cup of tea with them, if they need attention, but know that there only thoughts and not YOU. There's not need to get engrossed in there shatter, back to the breathing, know the routine.

Wish you well tomorrow,




Hi I've been having therapy and its hard in between sessions so try to take care of yourself with gentle exercise, eating well and drinking lots of water. The first few sessions I felt so sick, anxious, light headed and dizzy but it does get easier as you build up a relationship with your therapist. Some weeks I just told her I didn't want to come in today or that I felt sick with nerves. Tell your therapist how you are feeling. Things will improve big hugs love eve x


thank you guys! :) today was better, i think this therapist is a good'un im learning stuff already :)


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