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Bolt from the blue


I have been doing pretty well recently and coping with my anxiety. But today it hit me again like a bolt from the blue and knocked me off course, temporarily.

I was having a really nice day, when a small incident just brought it all back and I was once again struck by fear. All my breathing techniques and coping skills went out the window and I just sobbed uncontrollably, felt very sorry for myself, and resorted to hiding under the duvet and falling asleep.

I woke up and gave myself a shake, went for a walk and now I am putting it behind me. Just a minor setback on the road to recovery, but wanted to share in case anyone else feels the same.

Hope you are all having a good night x

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We all get a blaster from time to time, and it knocks us for six. The habit of fear does become important in our lives, and it is difficult to let go of. But as we do our coping strategies, each time it becomes ingrained in us, and will become second nature, then when a blaster comes we will see it for what it is, relax, not take it to be us, and it will disipate quicker. It might leave us a bit wobbly, but we get ourselves up, and move on, knowing thats all they have left.

And we have our life back.

I think your doing really well, I like your positive blogs, and I'm taking a lot from them.

Tomorrow is a new day,

Start again.





These set backs happen , you are right , its the road to recovery & you are certainly well on that road

Good for you , picking yourself back up , I hope you feel proud of yourself because you should do

Hope tomorrow is a good day :-)




Thanks guys :) x

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