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Hi All. Just a quick blog to say I went back to work today and have to say it's been great. Having that distraction has stopped my mind from wandering and I'm now that tired I can't be bothered to think at all. Yes this morning I was very anxious but I pushed myself to take that step and as the day went on my anxiety and thoughts got less and less :) just proves that even if we have setbacks we can get beat it again and again. X


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  • Hi. gemnewby. Far too many success stories of late. If it goes on like this they will close the site down!!!. I am really happy for you. Yes, we can beat it and we will. What a happy state to be in. "Can't be bothered to think at all". That, I believe, is the secret. Stop thinking wrong thoughts. Bless you and Love. jonathan.

  • Hi Gem , That's great news! makes me very happy that you were not too tired to share it with us and you have a smiley face! fantastic! together we are strong! xxxxxxxxxxx

  • That's great news, I am signed off at present but have made a conscious decision that I will go back on the 26th. So I am pleased to read a success story xx

  • Hi. Doucam. As I said in my blog above. Too many success stories!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You made a 'conscious decision'. That's what we like to hear. Those who are deep in the mire cannot make conscious decisions as you know. I am very happy for you. Best of luck at work. jonathan.

  • Thanks jonathan, I have to go back then or I don't think I will ever go back! I have asked for a meeting with my boss beforehad, to discuss the issues I have, am nervous as heck about it but the tablets I am on seem to be helping.

    Also I haven't really been on my own much the last few days which has helped no time for thinking!! :)

    I will be staying on this forum though as it is good to know I have somewhere to come and talk things through and thing I will need it more when I go back!

  • Hi Doucam, I am returning to work on Monday (phased return) having been off for five weeks and I met with my boss yesterday morning. As you say, I was quite anxious beforehand. I think it may have been Jonathan who quoted "Fear knocked at the door, faith answered it and there was no-one there". I said that to myself when my boss knocked on my door and she stepped in and gave me a big hug! My anxiety disappeared. I also feel far less anxious about going back having met with her beforehand so it is definitely a good thing to do if you are able to and I am sure it will go far better than you imagine. Good Luck and I too will be staying on this forum for support xx

  • Hi. Doucam. You are right. It is quite possible to have setbacks when starting something new. But do not ANTICIPATE. This is a real killer. It lays the foundations for further anxiety.

    Please do not leave the site. If you only drop in now and then we would be happy to see you and let us know how you fare. An increase in dosage is sometimes called for when on a new venture, but your GP will advise on this. Good luck. I am happy for you. Love. jonathan.

  • very happy for you gemnway :) it made me smile

    keeps us up-to-date



  • How fantastic! I am due to go back to work on Monday having had five weeks off sick with stress. I will be doing a phased return over four weeks but your blog has given me confidence that it will be fine once I get there as obviously I am feeling a little anxious about returning too. Long may it continue Gem and it is so good to hear how you got on as it inspires hope and confidence in others xxx

  • Hello to you all going back to work good for you you have a good time with work friends and remember drop the stress off at work before you put your coat on to go home leave your work at work and enjoy your home life good luck to you all. Mel

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