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Feeling good sort of ish

Hi guy been in a good mood today thanks to some positive need yesterday (don't worry I'm not counting my chickens just yet). I've felt a bit more like my old self even got a bit of a better appetite today.

The only problem is I've felt very anxious tonight. Because I'm feeling equal part optimism and pessimism about the whole situation. I just need Saturday to hurry up and get here so I can get this put to bed one way or the other. I know that how I've been treated isn't fair, but I don't think my ex is doing it intentionally to mess with my feelings and obviously she doesn't know the affect this whole situation has had on me the last few weeks. I'm just trying to chill with a calm tea in bed with a bit of TV before work.

Hope everyone is good.


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Sods law when you are wanting something to hurry up it seems to take for ever.

Its not long now. Use the time to chill out. Try not to think about what will be say and what will happen on Saturday. The number of times i have thought through a situation in my mind and then it doesnt happen.

Enjoy your calm tea. x


Hi Lou41 I know exactly what you mean I've had this meeting arrange for about two weeks and its felt more like a month lol. I'm defiantly doing my best to chill and to switch off. I just need to get this weekend out the way no matter what the out come.


Im wishing you all the luck in the world....... Not too long now..... the waiting is the worst bit I think...... we're all here for you whatever the outcome......xx



Friday tomorrow , then Saturday

I do feel for you , I can imagine how you feel

Whatever happens , no that we will be waiting for you

Glad you have eaten something

Will be thinking about you





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