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Confused aint the word


Hey guys after a good day my heart is now going like the clappers. Just heard from my ex for the first time in over a week and she said she has missed me. She been away in Europe of the last 10days so we haven't really spoken.

Now I'm just bloody confused as obviously her missing me is a good thing but I don't want to get my hopes up to much because if I'm getting this anxious just getting a fairly good text off her how am I going to be with more bad news.

I wrote this just because I needed to vent and I because I needed someone to talk to. Hopefully I can get some other people's opinions on this too.


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Oh Will, the weekend cannot come quick enough for you can it?? It must be so hard to be living with this uncertainty ~ I'm not surprised you're feeling anxious. You really need to see her face to face so you can talk properly and find out where you both stand. This half way situation is unbearable.

I hope you can settle down and get a good nights

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Not sure about the good nights sleep I'm waiting to get picked up for work lol.

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Ah ... yes, perhaps staying awake is a better option!!!

Hope work takes your mind off


You deserve to know, where you stand.

Her saying she misses you, after breaking up with you,

sounds like she is playing with your feelings.

Relationships surely are about two people freely wanting to be with each other.

For me I would see/ask her if this is still the case.

If it is, great

If it is not, greive, and move on.

If you play this game, it will wear you down, and leave you empty

For your own health, get it sorted one way or another, soon.

I'm saying this because I had a very similar experience, and I ended up with no job, agoraphobic, depressed etc etc, I didn't sort it out when I needed to, but let her play games that ate away at my soul.

I sincerely wish you well

Either way, you will be ok.




Well its a good thing thats shes said shes missed you, but youre still gona feel anxious until you see her.... its a rollercoaster......

I hope that you get some answers that you need, but try and take some control too so that you dont feel so helpless and at her mercy......

Whatever the outcome you will be ok.... either way I dont think the anxiety will just go, but I really hope you get what you want....

My situ is beyond saving I fear as I have an interfering mother in law that has ruined our relationship and unfortunatley he appears to be attached to her apron with a very large string.... but heyho life goes on!!

And we have the promise of summer round the corner and thats always something to smile about!!

Let us know how it all goes

Luv Ker xx

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Yeah we defiantly need to sit done a talk. We did talk a bit via text last night and she was the one leading the convosation. I know I've got to keep a level head and we've got a lot of sorting out to do before this can work.

Will hopefully know more by the end of the weekend.

Sorry your relationship has been ruined by his mum an his inability to get away from her apron string.

Will defiantly let you know how it's goes.

hay will, this must be so confussing for you, you two really need to get this meeting over and done with so you no where you stand. your right to keep a level head. its great that she has missed you but i really think its important for her to understand how her messing you about has effected your health, you dont have to go in to great detail but she needs to understand what might seem like thoughtless actions to her really effect you. let us no how it goes, i think your ready to talk you have learnt a bit now. x

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Yeah I'm defiantly ready to talk. And she has said I'll def see her this weekend so Ill keep everyone updated on what happens.

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