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Positives of the day :-)

Hi all ive just red muffinchops post and shes really made me smile with how uplifting her mood is (thanx mc) its made me think of positives if that makes sense, plus there was a blog the other day on here (cant remember whos) but it made me think of positives rather then the negatives. Maybe we shud all share our positives with everyone of our day, even if we can only think of one.just a thought. I just think that wen ur having a negative day, u can never c anything positive but i think even if we r having a bad day there is a positive somewhere? We all tell each other our negatives but i found it uplifting wen i red about people positives. Just a thought anyway.

My positives are

1 - even thou i love my mate and her girls from milton keynes, i love my quiet nite with my family. I c it as a positive that theyve came and stopped for a few days but good that i can now chillax with my family.

2 - ive cut down on my fags ive had 6 all day :-)

3 - ive seen my bezzie mate, half hour but enjoy seeing her xx

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I like this x


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