Hi friends

Today I completely failed, I had an appointment that i didnt get to, my anxiety was so bad when i woke up that i couldnt get on my motorbike and face the ride to it. I spent most of the day in bed trying relaxation on my pad, ive taken a few diazepam which has made me calmer but feel quite woozy, more relaxed but still struggling.

I'm really worried about how this affects my flat mate, it is making her anxious and i'm worried she will become a sufferer too, I feel so lost.

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  • I'm working my way through Mindfulness a practical guide to Finding Pease in a Frantic World - Mark Williams and Danny Penman.

    Admitedly my main thrust is dealing with depression but the book comes with a CD of mediations. Found one particularly - meditation 6 on the disc - really useful when trying to deal with the anxiety around the death of my last cat a couple of weeks ago - involved focusing on the way thinking about the cats last illness and death affected my body which took me away from focusing on the thought itself and actually helped me calm down a lot.

  • Hi Gambit, thanx for the info.

  • Don't suppose it's exactly what you're looking for but I watched this programme a few weeks ago & found it very interesting.

    bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-232... (Hope I've done that right.) The link is to an article about it but I believe you can watch it on i-player


  • Sorry LM , I am doing it again , but just seen thomson on here & just wondered , has everything been OK with next door since you sent your letter , I do hope so


  • Hey whywhy, it's no probs...honestly, it's good to see you on my posts :)

  • Bless you , I keep coming on them , dont have an answer for you & asking someone else one :D

    It can get people chatting though ;)

    I will do my best to answer the next one you do , make it easy for me though , I didnt have the answer to this one :-/


  • Have posted, bless you


  • Thanx Thompson x

  • Thankx thomson1898, the link works just fine! Fascinating article and suggests we do not "just have to be content with our lot" but gene therapy might be a thing of the future!! :-)

  • Glad you enjoyed it. Yes I thought some of it was quite extraordinary & something I'd never heard about.

    Gene therapy, it would be wonderful wouldn't it :-)

  • I found several of the MP3 downloads on this site were helpful. I used the "Deep relaxation" (and others) quite often and there's one called "No more negativity".


  • Thank you so much Blorengia, I've been looking for somewhere I can just download meditations onto my phone from. Really grateful, will be trying some of these tonight x

  • If you're a facebook user you can also find Andrew on there:


  • Ah great, thanks so much!

  • I also just found this site: freemindfulness.org/download. Not sure if they're any good but there's a good range at least. Hope it helps!

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