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Starting the day with positive thoughts

Good morning :) I have decided to start today with good vibes and try to keep it going. I did some meditation, 100 breaths, yes it really is that simple.

Checked my favourite Facebook page, the Positivity Garden ( it's worth a look ) and decided to give myself a shake and just get on with things. For too long I have been worrying and looking after everyone else and I have run myself into physical and emotional bad health.

So I am going to try very hard to take a step back and focus on me for a change. That said I want to share my positive vibes with everyone and send love and light into the world.

I started listening to an audio book last night, Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff. It was very relaxing I fell asleep :)

Have a good day everyone,

T x

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Have a great day

I just liked Positivity Garden on facebook, #I'm all for some positivity :-)




Ah :) A lovely cheery blog. Vetry inspiring to stay positive.



Morning Tara

What a wonderful blog to read this morning so glad your in a positive mood.

Sometimes we are so busy looking after others eing.

we forget about ourselves the therapist told me this on many occasions. Be around to listen and give advice but step back and let someone else solve the problem.

All my life i have helped people and i end up ill.

Makes sense to concentrate on your well being.

Have a wonderful day


Love Seyi xxx


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