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Sunday Sunday

Hey guys was hoping today was going to be a better day, but I'm still in a bit of a slump. Didn't sleep well again kept dreaming about my ex. So when I woke up I'd be running through everything trying to figure out where I went wrong and how we can go from being so happy to this in such a small space of time. So that was getting my anxiety up which was making getting back to sleep all the harder. I seem to be in a bit of a vicious circle with my sleep at the moment.

I didn't feel to bad when I first got up this morning I had a shower and felt fairly refreshed and ready for the day. But as the day has gone on I've felt worse. Did manage to get out for a walk with the dog and my niece again which helped a little.

I don't know what's making things worse the fact that I miss her miss talking to her and all that. Or if its the not knowing and the anticipation of waiting to see her next week. I'm just so worried about how I'm going to cope with seeing her. I've also had so many different pieces of advise on how to handle seeing her that I feel like I'm on information overload to go along with all the other stuff going on in my head.

Anyway I hope every one has managed to enjoy their Sunday.


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I wished I could make you feel better with this , as I no how you feel , went through a divorce years ago , but happily married now for 20 years

Try not to keep playing the tape in your mind & rewinding it , your anxiety will go in to over drive

Don't want to give you advise as like you say you all ready have to much going through your head

Just go & let what will be will be on the day , be honest , be you

You will be missing her , that goes on for a while its normal , what exactly you are missing can sometimes be the company , it leaves a big void , but you do over come it

Will be thinking about you

Good luck

Let us no how you go on





Thanx again for your support whywhy. I do try to pause the tape but I think my brain isn't listening at the moment. I think that's one of the reason I need to see her I need to establish what my feelings actually are. Need to work out whether it's the thought of being in my own and my disappointment on the way we broke up or if I do geuinley love her as much as I think I do.

I know I need to try and keep going till I see her and sort stuff out, but the longer wait the harder it's getting.

Just glad I've found an outlet like this site or I think I'd be completely mental by now lol.



HI Willrich

I think the anxiety of not knowing is worse even if the outcome is not what you want.....

YOu cant forsee how its going to go cos you dont know what shes thinking, but what you need to think about is saying what you want to say, and what is important for you to have the answers to...... I think whatever the outcome is, after the meeting you can start to get on with your life... either with her or on your own..... this is the worst bit not knowing and not being in control...

I am missing my other half at the min, and I was the one that finished it!! Im missing him like mad, but thats cos I spent every weekend with him, of course Im going to miss him, its a routine and I feel like Ive lost a friend.... but I know its the right thing in the long term...

The missing will fade as your life starts to get back to normal and other things fill your mind....

It's just a matter of time.....

Try and keep calm this week, think about what answers are important to you ...... And know whatever happens....YOU WILL BE OK.... and this is coming from me, the person who is feeling exactly how you are at the min!!

Take care....

Let us know how you are!!

Ker xx


Hey Ker I'm ok just a little down at the minute. We are defiantly in similar circumstances she was my weekends when se moved away. I know deep down it's over between us, but you can't blame a guy for giving it one last go.

Our situations defiantly suck big time. I just can't see my future without her in it at the moment. I had so many plans for us this year so many thin I wanted to say to her and do with her and now that's gone and I'm lost. I feel like I'm just existing not living at the minute. And what's really frustrating for me is I'm not needy guy and I don't know why this has affected me the way it has. I felt so lucky when we started dating she was and is everything to me and I just hate the fact that its gone.

Hope your ok?



Yeah Im ok ta...... Wish I could miss out this part of grieving and just get back to 'me' but unfortunately you cant....:-(

Dont underestimate the power of a broken heart.... the pain in real and it hurts like mad..... but this time next year, I can pretty much guarantee you if we speak we wont be feeling like this!! You will be like 'yeah why was I sooo bothered!!'...... Prob in a few months we will be different again,,,,

So... yeah it sucks at the min..... but it wont be like that forever, even though it feels like it now......

Its a daunting thing being single again, and sometimes easier to stick with what you know than the unknown..... but I promise you, you will be ok!!

Take it day by day, dont think too far in the future and before you know it, you'll wake up and think.... yeah Im ok!!

:-) XX Ker


Glad your doing ok. I completely agree about wanting to skip this grieving stage it's hard. But I'm sure your right I'm sure we will both be fine at least I hope I am.

Enjoy your Sunday evening.


You'll be fine.....

Sending lots of positive and warm hugs for you.....



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