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Nice day :-)

Hi all, had a brillant time at drayton manor never had anxiety once :-) i usually do wen theres to many people around. The boys loved it to which is great. I got back at half five, now im babysitting my mates kids till twelve, while she gone to a party. Other half here to but i forgot to bring my anti des and i refuse to take to to late so im missing it now till tomorrow. I will not miss tomorrows thou. Im so tired thou cud go to bed, must be all the walking. Hope u all have had a chillaxing day love donna xxx

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donaf , you make me laugh , every blog , every answer you do we get 3 of :-D

I am thrilled for you that you have had a great day out with your kids & fantastic you had no anxiety , those meds might be helping after all , & hope you start to be able to see them as that , they are helping you , just like I have to nxt week when I start with the cholesterol ones

I was looking for your blog to see if you had taken them , well never mind , tomorrow then I will look

No wonder you feel like you want to go to bed , thank goodness not long now & you can get all curled up





Well done ~ I'm so pleased you had such a lovely day out :)


So great that you had a good day out and everyone enjoyed themselves, including YOU. xx


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