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Finding it hard

Hiya I'm a new member on here, I have been diagnosed with anxiety and a bit of postnatal depression, I'm going to speak with somebody on Monday I have been referred by my doctor, I'm finding some days very good then other days there not as bad, I still keep thinking in my mind that I'm really poorly even tho the doctors have done blood tests and done an ECG, can anyone give me any advice or help. Xx

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Hi Amzy & welcome

Anxiety can make you feel you are poorly & as you have a bit of postnatal depression as well , this will add to the anxiety

The fact you have had blood tests & an ECG try and be reassured its the anxiety making you feel this way , it can be hard as you can feel so bad , you don't believe it could ,but it does

Its good you are finding some days better than others & as time goes on & you learn how to deal with your anxiety , the good days will get more

When you feel you are having a bad day , be kind to yourself & say its anxiety , nothing bad will happen & let it come & let it pass again , get on here & blog as well , you will get so much support

Great news your GP is sending you to speak to someone , this will be a big help in dealing with this

Hope it makes you feel better to no you are not alone with how you feel





Sorry that was supposed to read as not very good, I'm finding it hard to come to terms that it is anxiety and not an illness in my mind I think there is something medical wronge with me as somedays when im having a bad day i just feel ill, it's nice to join on here as you feel your not alone, how long have you had anxiety for?? Xx


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