Just sat here watching museum secrets,my Son has fallen asleep on the sofa.I look at him and think to myself,"I am so lucky to have him,he gives me strength,all the strength I need".

If I ever feel the need to be inspired,then I look at my Son,he is all I need to beat anxiety,I don't want him to see me down and he wont because I am stronger than my fears and simply writing this down confirms what I believe.We can all beat this,just look for your inspiration and believe.


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  • Had to laugh , no wonder he has dropped to sleep if you are watching museum secrets :-D

    What a wonderful dad you are , he is very lucky , bet he knows that though

    My kids have always been my inspiration as well ,even now they are grown up & yes we are lucky , mine have all turned out a credit to me as well , so some where while dealing with anxiety , we must do something right ;-)




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