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A matter of time



I am feeling a little better this morning. Had my CBT session yesterday and it's quite exhausting as it makes me dig deep into my memories.

I have some hope that I will return to my normal happy self, I think it's just a matter of time and it is a battle as feelings can change by the hour as a lot of you will know.

For today though feelings are ok. So I'm going to make stuffed poussin, roast potatoes and vegetables I need to go to the shops to get some ingredients and have a dental appointment at lunch time so will combine the two. I am hoping I continue to feel ok for the rest of the day.

I should be at a social evening this evening and I have decided there is too much politics going on for me to go, therefore I am not going to go, it does slightly bother me as there are a couple of people who will be put out, but. It's not a set evening just that I usually pop there on a Thursday , although they quickly think you will be there every Thursday , I shouldn't have kept to the same evening maybe...I am simply going to say I can't make it. Decided I shouldn't make excuses or tell lies, just tell the truth and that is that I can't make it...these are the sort of things that can change the way I feel and make me feel down

I hope you all have a nice day !

Sue x x x x

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Well done Sue

You should feel proud & your dinner sounds delicious , might pop round ;-)




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Thank you why why good to have you back too.....:) you were missed..

Been to dentist, got my ingredients made a special stuffing for the chicken, roast potatoes in oven veg cooked..there's no stopping me today :)


hi Sue, yes, your dinner sounds lovely. As for the social event, as you say, no need to offer an explanation, just a so sorry, I can't make it, should be sufficient. I think we all worry about letting people down, but you need to do what's best for you ...

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Thank you kaz, I'm not too bad today, have to make the most of these good days...

It seems I've been in my bedroom for nearly 3 weeks since finishing work...

Yes your right sometimes I think we are anxiety ridden because people know we are soft and play on us...

Sue xxx

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