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Good afternoon people,just been reading your blogs and sad to read that some of you are suffering today.When this anxiety thing gets hold,god,its got a strong grip but you can fight it.

Look at me,what a dramatic change in just a week and no,dont think its the tablets,im on Paroxetine 20MG but only for the past week so don't think they have even kicked in yet.Like ive said previously,last week I went to my first meeting and since then I have had a different outlook and that's the key here,how we look at our issues,anxiety is normal,we all get anxious but we go to the extremes.Do what I do,when you feel it building,tell it to" ---- off",it really is working for me.I am able to sit here quite content and surf away,last week I had ants in me pants,could not sit still,concentrate,felt tearful,awful in fact.Look at me now,im no different than you,just tell yourselves you can beat it,we have all been through worse than this and come out the other side.I did consider filming myself dancing in the kitchen for you to see but felt it might upset the children.Thats what ive been doing recently,bursting into dance for no reason,it makes me laugh,thats my medication,laughter.I so wish I could meet you all and squeeze the anxiety out of you,think of me when you feel low and laugh with me,take care.

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Hey castlnaudry glad you doing good chick i had some really good spells where my anxiety wasnt even noticible but it did creep back and i do tell it to bugga off most of the time so am getting there hopefully and maybe you filming yourself dancing would give us something to smile about will you if we promise not to tell the children??? I hope to feel myself again and am taking each day as it comes some are bad and some are good but together we will keep fighting it till one day we can all smile together thanks hun xxxxxx


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