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can you take zanax with the Citalopram

just been put on citalopram 20 mg ..little nervous been 2 days and i just cant seem to take that darn pill... after reading all the blogs im really scared now.. i take zanax for my anxiety but only 1/2 in the morning ..can i still take this while taking the citalopram bc if what i read will happen is my nervous on th C i will surely need the zanax to calm me down.. help someone

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It is better to seek your doctors advice and not take two kind of medications without that sound advice as some meds can not be taking in conjunction with each other! it can be very risky if it is two of the wrong kinds. However it might be ok also so it is best to ask, perhaps call your doctor and ask for over the phone advice. They usually give a call back when they are less busy.

Pls don't take it until you have done this.

Good luck and feel stronger and calmer soon xx


i told my md that i was taking the zanax and he said it was ok so im not worried with that . thank you for your post


Hi love i am on citalopram 20mg but not on others but was the same hust with citalopram made me ill with worry and was terrified to take it but if your gp says its ok hun you will be fine i waited to take mine and got a little worse till a friend and my OH insisted i took them i really dont like taking meds full stop if you worrying take them while docs is open and if you feel funny you can always nip straight down and see a gp i panicked taking them at night in case i felt ill and couldnt phone my gp let me know how you do hun xxx


It would seem you have answered your own question. Citalopram is an anti-depressant and will take at least three weeks before it starts to work. It is perfectly safe to take.


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