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Cold snap increases anxiety and stress for elderly and hard pressed families fear Anxiety UK


The country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, Anxiety UK, say they fear the recent spell of cold weather will have led to increased anxiety for many hard pressed families and the elderly.

The unseasonal wintery weather combined with the rising costs of gas and electric as demand escalates could not have come at a worse time say Anxiety UK.

Impending changes to the welfare system, housing benefits and council tax reductions are already making life for many elderly and hard pressed families even more stressful say the charity.

Unexpected additional pressures and higher than anticipated fuel bills only make those burdens even harder to bear.

Anxiety UK CEO Nicky Lidbetter said: “The recent spell of cold weather, with snow in many parts of the country and even floods in the South West, will have hit many elderly people and hard pressed families in their pockets at a time when many of them least need further financial worries and pressures.

“We would urge family, friends and neighbours to keep an eye on potentially vulnerable people and encourage them to seek advice and support if they are worried they are feeling unexpectedly anxious, stressed or worried.”

Anxiety UK work with anxiety sufferers matching them to the right resources to help them and can be contacted via its helpline on 08444 775 774 or visit their web site at

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i can honestly say me and my mum have sat with hot water bottles and blankets becouse we cant always offord to put the heating on but theres nothing we can do about it and its like that for millions of people. everything is going up in price and its very stressful when your already unemployed and on a fixed income anyway. my boyfriend comments on our diet saying we eat rubbish but we dont, we eat what we can offord, we have to ge alot of tesco value items and make the best of the situation. things could be alot worse, we could have no home and no food also like millions of people. i really sympathise with people in this situation esp the elderly who are living alone and have no family who care enough to help.

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100% agree Sam with what you have said & its true its not rubbish its what you can afford


Thanks for your comments and sorry to hear you are finding it tough going, we are alwasy here to help if you need it, just visit our website for details

You can only live according to your means hearty food even if basic brands makes no difference. Everyone is feeling the pinch.

Love Seyi xxx

Every time I turn on the tap, I think it's a miracle. (even if the water's cold) We do have a lot to be grateful for, but them there politicians need to have a bit more imagination! We are lucky to be able to afford to be warm(so far!) but have just been to stay with relatives who can't put the central heating on much, due to bills, and it's been a cold,cold Easter which I do not want to do again. Played havoc with my arthritis. The East wind off the channel is a right 'orrible one, so I hope you don't live down there, Sam. Spring is on the way!!???


I too think it is a miracle turning on a tap and having a toilet and a shower,always had them but appreciate them.As for the heating ,the powers to be should take action against the big firms making HUGE profits while a lot of us struggle to pay,I too use hot water bottles and make home made soup all the time.Politicians don't know what it is like to have to really budget.

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