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Thinking of going for a run!

I said thinking, when I was well I ran 3-4 times a week and it cleared my head. Injury and just feeling down stopped me running and I lost interest. It is such a lovely day I am tempted to dig my running shoes out, but I am making excuses in m head about not knowing where my iPod is .. Lol

Beautiful sunshine here today, I hope everyone can feel the earths power of love and light. X

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I can see the sun from my window but have absolutely no intention of going out in it, as lonely as I am today, the world can wait awhile for my presence lol :-)

Hope you enjoy your run and feel better for having done it. Xxx


Yeah I did it, 3 miles. I am so out of shape, I look like a boiled beetroot!


Good for you beetroot! I cycle regularly and it really helps,I cycle through the park,along the river,through the woods away from all the traffic and rat race,it works wonders,keep at it.


Well done, that's 2.5 miles more than I could have done at the moment. I worked as a post woman for a year ( needed a break from palliative care ) and I got sooo fit. I loved being out on my bike and walking all day. I now have a fear of dogs though lol xxx


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