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Thinking of you all.xx

Hi there,

Sorry I haven't been on at all lately but am at my daughters helping them with their new baby. I am just the general cook and bottlewasher plus washing lady with a bit of wisdom thrown in occasionally!!!

You are all in my thoughts and I hope all is going reasonably well for you.

When I get back to home and normality I will be back on board again.

Love to all of you, Julie xx

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Hi Julie,

Lovely to hear from you. I bet you are throughly enjoying yourself. It's lovely to hear that everything is going well with the baby and family. Have a great time and see you soon xx


HI Julie x Aw congratulations on the new arrival of a granddaughter x You must be over the moon. I think its these times when our mums help us the most, even though you may think its trivial to your daughter your a lifesaver xx DOnver x


Hi Julie

congratulations on the arrival of your new grandchild, sounds like you are an angel helping out with all the chores. Hope mother and baby and of course grandma are all doing fine

Jules x


Hey Julie...

How lovely to be involved.... Enjoy it xxx


Hi Julie,enjoy your time with your new grandchild xxx


Hi Julie

Thanks for saying hello :-)

We know you haven't forgotten us & neither have we you :-)

Enjoy your family time & your beautiful grandchild & looking forward to hearing all about it when you are back & you have time !





Thank you all for your lovely responses. I always feel a warmth inside when I come onto this site..... I know I am amongst friends.

All is going quite well.... we have a few wee hiccups but on the whole the new family are doing well.

Thanks again, Julie. xx


Good for you,your life has now changed for the better,a beautiful granddaughter to care for,bet you are to busy to be anxious .


A different enviroment makes me less anxious too. Thanks for you good wishes. xx Julie xx


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