Since having my last bout of anxiety/panic after a difficult time and a loss in the family, I often feel a sense of panic when sitting down for a meal. Even the food makes me feel this way, does anyone else have this experience. i wonder if its having to sit there or is it the food. I am not happy with going out to eat at present and feel rather scared.. from cotonroad .


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  • Hi,its not the food,last week I felt this way about everything,eating,drinking,bed,especially bed,I could not keep still,I didn't want to stay home,I didn't want to go out.Ihad to be blunt with myself,I told myself to "stop being a D Head",it is working for me being tough,not always easy but we all know that all these feelings are self manufactured in our heads.Dont think about when or why this started just tell yourself you will beat this and don't be scared,feelings cannot harm you,be happy,take care.

  • Thanks so much, I'm glad I'm not alone in what seems to be a silly feeling. I do try to think myself out of it a realise its in my head but as you know its not easy, I suppose in some ways I'm frightened of making a fool of myself by panicking but it rarely happens in the end and really would anyone mind, they probably have some odd feelings too. Bless you from cotonroad

  • Try some relaxation and breathing exercises before you sit down to eat. Cut the foomportnmd up into small pieces and eat slowly. Preferably tasty choices. I feel like that sometimes, but its important to keep going. Maybe small meals at regular times so you are confident that you

    are getting enough nourishment. Take care

  • I am the same, when I'm anxious I find it very hard to eat. My heart starts to thump as mealtime approaches and the food just doesn't want to go down. Stick to light meals that are small and easy to digest and nibble on things when you can. Thinking of you.xx

  • 'sorry deleted my comment because it didn't add anything to what I said before. Was not concentrating - should have let it stand anyway. Quite new to all this

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