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Dysphagia and fear of chocking on food?

Hi guys do you ever feel like food is stuck in your throat?

Can this be due to anxiety?

It's like suddenly you feel you are not swallowing right or you are not breathing enough and I am starting to fear i try so hard to breath that I will choke on some piece of food..

I also have dry mouth sometimes but drinking water doesn't change much.

Has this ever happened to anyone?

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Many, many times. After ruling out everything else with my doctor I've come to the conclusion that it's Globus pharyngis. Look it up online. Sounds like the same thing I have.

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Hi Gemfire,

Thank you for replying:)

Does your throat hurt?did you get diagnosed by your GP?

I looked it up online. I saw there are some tests to do to exclude physical conditions. I just hope it's not too expensive:(

It bothers me having to cut food in a million small pieces just to be able to swallow it..

I hope yours it's better now and your doctor is giving some advice


When it first started my throat didn't hurt but recently in addition to the choking sensation (which I've had for years BTW), I started getting acid reflux (probably from anxiety) and it hurts now for sure. It hurts to swallow and my throat feels singed. I've been to an ENT specialist and my GP. So far I've been scoped and they can see the inflammation (singed feeling) from the acid reflux. Going for a CAT scan of my throat in a week. Fingers crossed that it's just acid reflux and globus pharyngis...I'll keep you updated.


Gosh, acid reflux is awful. I have it too..I hope didn't cause any inflammation now that you mention.

Oh,in a week..fingers crossed and good luck with the scan!keep me updated on how it goes :)


Almost forgot...the awful beast "anxiety" causes dry mouth as well. :(

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So sorry you have to deal with that too..I ve done some cbt but was low intensity so didn't help so much. Hope you will beat that too!

And dry mouth..yeah i hate it!:/


Yes ! It's very annoying too . I think it's basically a tightening of your throat muscles

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