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Shops and that feeling

Just been to the shops more out of necessity than anything else. Oh dear when I leave the confines of my room that's when I can tell I'm not myself. I got what I needed but constantly thinking I want to get back home. Feeling lightheaded and looking at other people who appear ok,

Life events can certainly make you feel worse for sure, today is one of those days I want to do nothing, I have to go out this evening and I don't want to, people put pressure on you , I really do feel like saying bog off I'm not coming but that will cause me even more anxiety, because I would worry about upsetting people, I guess it's their insecurities. They want you there, and if you don't go they take offence , why does it have to be about them, because its not its about me not feeling well.....

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have you expalined to them how you feel, im sure they wouldnt want you there if you really did not feel up to it if its a close friend? i too cant wait to get back to my room when i have to go out, i dont go alone cos i feel so light headed and woozie. consentrate on feeling well, your friends will have to wait and be understanding. xxxxxxxxx


Aw thank you Sam, it's my own fault I don't want people to know I'm not well, stoopid I know....I'm still coming to terms with it myself...

It's not just a friend it's a gathering and family involved, I think soon I just won't be able to go and that will be that....but for now,,

I love just being in my room, appreciate your response thank you xxx


Hi Sleepless

Can fully understand how you are feeling and its a difficult situation to find yourself in. Perhaps you can explain to close friends or family how you are struggling and how you are feeling.

I am sure they would understand your position and the pressure would be off you can then take things at your own pace. The light head and feel dizzy if awful i experience this myself when i go out and the safe haven is in my home.

Wish you all the best let us know how you get on. Please confide in people how you are feeling right now you will be surprised the support you will get to encourage positive thinking.

Take care

Hugs Seyi xxx


I have suffered from panic attacks for the last 8 months and had to take time off work as a result. When I returned to work one of my biggest fears was that I would have a panic attack in front of my colleagues who think I Am a strong and confident person and this made my anxiety worse as i did not want to be seen as a failure or rude. I then decided to be open and honest with people and tell them the truth I was surprised at how understanding people were and I feel somewhat empowered now. If I am invited out anywhere I tell people that I will TRY to make it but give no guarantees and this does take the pressure off.

There is a light at end of the tunnel 7 months ago I could not leave my house but today I have been shopping and to the pub and no attacks. A combination of mesdication, willpower and emotional support from others have been key to my ongoing recovery. To all who are suffering hang in there and be positive xx


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