Xmas shopping mayhem, your stories

Well, i did my shopping early on Friday morning, only needed a few bits cos i did my main shop on the monday at Iceland.

ive never seen Asda so packed in my life, and so early! Vultures come to mind when i shop of a christmas time. The hustle and bustle for just one day, i wouldnt mind but they're open the day after and spar is open christmas day til 12!

Why is it always packed out at xmas times, and people have to walk into you, oblivious that you are there, or they are taking up all the aisle gabbing. All i wanted was break, milk, bog roll and dog food, and it took me over an hour to get haha rant over


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  • I know what u mean, I went to get ny weekly shop from asda last nite. I decided to go last nite to miss the ques but it was still packed out. I hate doing a good shop this time of year, like u said its closed for only one day x

  • Il join in the rant,well after another awfull night of palpitations I'm still alive.just to say myself and best friend had the idea of going very early to asda sat morn,wow ,big mistake ,everybody else had same idea,bloody nightmare ,and as iv woke up I feel palpitations beginning to build again,I pray with all my heart the doc can sort theses out today,merry Xmas everyone

  • Hi. meg. Do not worry overmuch about palpitations. About thirty years ago I had them and it was that and other physical things that started me off with "nerves". Many, many ECG's after I am still here, still get the 'palps', as my wife calls them, no heart trouble and I no longer worry about them. I think it was stde who said that we have to say, 'oh well, here you are again, good luck'. That is the best attitude. You know, meg, people who have heart trouble don't get palpitations. Strange!! Love. jonathan.

  • Thank u j,theyv really been getting me down lately I dread each day coming its te high pulse rate that worries,I'm going to doc today for peace of mind,ther really destroying my life really,my heart is pounding now as I write this

  • Your doctor will tell you that heart and pulse rate go together. If your heart is pounding so will you pulse. Dr. Weekes says that if we could see how strong our heart muscles are we would no longer worry. Your doctor will give you reassurance, very important, but the real relief will come when you realise that anxiety can do this to you, and that all these physical symptoms are the result of anxiety and not a danger in themselves. I do hope all goes well with your appointment. Best wishes. jonathan.

  • Thank you,j,merry Xmas to you

  • I posted recently about this. It is mass hysteria!! Every year people are brainwashed into believing that they must do everything on certain days. The commercial hype is amazing. Sainsbury's on Sunday was out of this world. There were queues at the checkouts 10 trolleys long and with all the checkouts open. We only went for a paper and a cup of coffee having done our shopping days ago when it was quiet. You would think it was the end of the world (!!!!!). Next week another day of 'celebrations'. No, it is not us who are potty, far from it.

    The best New Year possible to all. jonathan.

  • I should have named this post 'Running the Gauntlet' haha cos thats what its like, or supermarket sweep, cram as much as you can into your shopping trolley cos the shop is closed 'for one day' haha. I bet, half the stuff people buy, doesnt get used or consumed and it gets thrown away!

  • Supermarket Sweep is a good one LOL ! x Ella x

  • I must be insane or just well practiced at this, I do my present shopping on the 24th December every year, such a relief when it is done! Makes you feel alive.

    Just av to make sure I have enough paper though for when I forgotten one and have to buy it in the sales……lol merry Christmas everybody …… back to shopping 2 3/4 HOURS LEFT! Then its what you can get from a petrol station or an offie lol.

  • I agree, it's utterly insane!!! When I look back to my childhood Christmases - no cars, no supermarkets, no on-line shopping, shops closed for 2/3 days - oh, except for the "Boxing Day Sales" lol - yet my parents (well, my mum, dad didn't do much - apart from swearing at the fairy lights lol! ;) ) produced fantastic Christmases for 5 kids! We didn't even have a fridge, let alone a freezer (or two!)

    It is greed,I think, but I also think there's a "culture" of perfectionism, largely initiated and kept going by the media. I don't watch all these "perfect weddings" programmes, but I've seen some by accident, and watched brides have a meltdown because the table flowers aren't EXACTLY the same shade of blue as the bridesmaids' dresses!!!! We're "deprived" if we haven't got at least one en-suite bathroom, or if the sanitary ware is a year or two out of date! I've seen house-buying programmes - people walk into a kitchen/bathroom I would give my soul to possess, and they say "Oh, God, that's got to go!!!" If "Life" isn't "up to spec" we have a nervous breakdown, or feel hard done by!

    Maybe people are desperately trying to "buy" happiness. Got news for them - you can't!




  • Rose, you are so right. We started our married life without a fridge or washing machine and we were so hard up that we had to have a second hand bed and everything else was handed down. But we were happy. It is all about expectations is it not? If you do not get what you expect these days then the frustration and discontent starts and we all know where that leads.

    TV has a lot to answer for. Love. jonathan.

  • I buy people what I want to buy, I expect nothing in return as I am happy how I am, I write a few cards to who I want to and dont feel I have to send them because someone has sent me one if they don't like it they just won't send one next year their choice. Do Christmas your way we don't have to be slaves to the shops and buisnesses, that is not what it is suposed to be about! Merry Christmas everybody ENJOY! :-)

  • I feel the same, I hate supermarket shopping at the best of times, because it always reminds me of those zombie movies where people are walking very slowly, not aware of other people, & walking into me, either that or just standing staring at the shelves, not caring that I want to get past. Theyr`e like a herd of cattle. On top of all that, Iv`e just had a ltter from my broadband provider, Virgin Media, claiming that I haven`t paid my last 2 bills, & that I owe £65. That`s totally unfair because my bank is supposed to pay them by direct debit, so if they haven`t recieved the money, it isn`t my fault because either they or my bank have screwed things up. Anyway, I don`t know how I`m supposed to pay that amount of money all at once because I`m on jobseeker`s allowance, & my latest payment is overdue.

  • Just give them a ring HF , I had the same story with them and worried myself sick. They are making a lot of mistakes lately. Ring Virgin and if they have added a late payment fee...ask for it back. They were very obliging when I did xxx

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