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I have accepted job and now cant sleep and sure its wrong thing

I have worked as a volunteer and have now been offered a paid job but at sameplace but can't sleep and veryanxious. Have feelings of physical anxiety. I am scare i will loose it. If i don't run away and have kids so worried about bringing anxiety to them. Feel like made a mistake on job and not even started and can't cope with that idea.

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Well I dont no if you want me to say this , but reading your blog I would say well done !

In this day & age to have been a volunteer & then been offered a job , that is an achievement , you must have impressed

Do you think it may be when you were a volunteer you felt more in control , as you could be a bit more flexible , now its a job it may be playing on your mind saying , well now I have to go no matter what , then all the fears come in

I cant see you loosing the job as like I said they must be impressed to offer it to you , so try to think that when you have doubts

Remember you are still in control as if at any time you feel you are not coping you can say so

Just take it a day at a time , your confidence will come & this could be a new lease of life for you ....

If you really , think you have made a mistake & you really cant face it , have a chat with them how you feel , i am sure they will be understanding

Let us no what you decide to do & how you go on





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