Sugar And Your Anxiety Levels!

Hi everyone thought I'd add a few things here related to sugar and your anxiety. Sugary foods quickly get absorbed into the bloodstream which may cause an initial 'high' or increase in energy, but soon will wear off as the body increases the production of insulin, leaving you feeling tired and low. The lack of endorphins in the brain, plus the insulin's effect, can result in high amounts of anxiety as well as depression. The individual might then eat more sugary foods to try and feel better, which results in a vicious cycle of addiction which can be difficult to stop. It's important to consider the negative effects that sugar might cause to your mental health the next time you think about consuming sugary foods, it just might put a hold on your recovery and it's not worth it. Hope this helps people understand the connection a bit further. I'll do all I can to help on this community.


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  • Oboy! Sugar in all forms specially HFCS causes inflammation in your body!! If its sweet toss it in the bin!!

  • Omg thank you so much for putting this on, I have a massive sweet tooth and have been eating loads recently and my anxiety is at an all time high. Thank you for sharing, I'll definitely be watching what I eat from now on x

  • Thanks for this post. 👍🏼

    Worth remembering that fruit, veg and grain is also 'sugar'. Some people argue that complex carbs are better for you - whole grains, rough veg etc..

    Worth perhaps eating these things with essential fats or proteins or experiment to see how you feel. 😀

  • So true.

  • Yes I gotta quit or slow down but living with Achalasia Chocolate ice cream is the only pleasures I get in life.

  • recently realised myself that if i eat sugar i feel a lot worse.Shrove tuesday i had pancakes with lemon and sugar, the next day i felt so on edge , like my brain was vibrating ! enough proof for me :)

  • Im quite self aware so I continuously ask myself why the exact same set or circumstances that were livable one day (or one hour!) become completely intolerable and make life feel not worth living the next.

  • The subconscious mind sure is powerful.

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