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Sudden onset of symptoms!

Hi all

So I've been having a pretty reasonable day anxiety-wise, a few dizzy spells here and there but basically good. So I'm "relaxing" at home and my bro walks into the house and I immediately start to feel really sick and uneasy. Its a long story but my brother is a big part in my anxiety but I've never had symptoms come on so suddenly and horribly!! Anyone else get this?

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yes there are situations and people that instantly send me in to total panic and my bodies reactions are out of my control . as yousay sick . dizziness sweating and rapid heart beat etc ,

i try taking deep braeths not sure it actually works ,

and sadly yes i avoid the situations but i am guessing that is hard with your brother ..

ou not alone asi have already learnt here


Thanks for your reply bee. I've had certain situations particularly at work that send me dizzy and sweaty, but I've never experienced such a rapid reaction to a person before! Especially as I was sitting at home actually relaxed for a change. I do try and avoid him as much as possible because he stresses me out which is sad, but soon I won't be living with him so I hope it gets better.....

Thanks x


i get this all the time!! i always call a friend just for a catch up or checking my facebook anything that will keep me distracted and my symptons go away. sounds silly but i really think i helps. even things like that will keep you busy for a split second can make it go away. the more you dwell on it the worse it will get which is what is to be avoided at all costs!

hope you are feeling better soon,



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