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Hi all, am carer of person suffering anxiety. There not accepting at moment, so is going out of there mind, searching for physical conditions. Watching a person go from outgoing, bubbly, hard to pin down to a person who has become locked, like a prisoner inside four walls and I cant fix them is hard. I hide my feelings, as they are already feeling enough guilt from with drawing and pushing people away. On meds now and cbt soon. To hold them sobbing, wanting their life back at such a young age too. Will they get better?

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Yes they will get better, it wont happen over night but it can be done.

Keep strong and keep the encouragement going it is a big help.

All the best




Hi,I feel sorry for them as I'm the same,was a happy go lucky person ,but not now,and sadly in my case I've been suffering for 2 and a half years,and have had cbt as well ,I think once you have it you have it for life ,it's coping strategies that you have to learn. It's good that they have someone like you who is willing to fid information about it,it's shows you care ,hope everything turns out ok. Take care xx


Glad you are there to help, because that is what is needed.


I am a full time carer who is suffering from Depression and Anxiety herself... I too are going through the process of CBT and change in medication as my personality has changed over the last year from outgoing and happy to withdrawn and sleeping all day... with no will for life. I have been on new medication now for two months and can now begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel I am in week three of CBT and although still not got to grips with this I am hanging on in there = there are still up and down days but I have to just go with the flow... I have sort help and support from the GP, Social Services and NHS, Carer support worker and suggest that you use whatever help you can get, to support you in supporting your cared for. I suggest you get advice from your local mental health support group or MIND helpline. One thing not to do is to give up on them and never say "PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER" because we cant! Hope things improve soon for you.


Just hang on in there and be supportive. With the help of meds and CBT they will get better, may take awhile but it will happen. Know that as have been there myself. I am not 100% yet, but well on the way. My husband was my rock and that is what your person really needs, someone to be there whatever the mood. Good luck to you both. stay strong.xx


Ditto. Jeffju, Like you I have a good husband who really listens and has never once said anything negative. If I feel like I want to be alone he just lets me be. No agro whatever. Just to know that you have someone there is sometimes enough to go through the healing process. please stay strong.


Hi Bellyup. It will get better :) The fact you are there to be supportive will be a huge help in itself but I think a sufferer needs to accept that they are unwell before they can get better. I think there is a phase where the anxiety takes over, and you don't acknowledge it as an 'illness' as such that can be overcome, you just think your body and mind are breaking down and can't see a way out. My partner was my rock during this time, but all I wanted to do was be on my own, not leave my bed. I went from a confident and outgoing person who never let illness get in my way, to being bed ridden and thinking I was on my death bed. It's a very strange thing. stay strong as I know it is just as hard for the person watching as it is for the person suffering. The CBT should definitely help.



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