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Please help?

For the past couple of days I have been feeling this spinning sensation in my head which causes intense amount of fear through my body. At that point I feel like in dying or passing out which makes my fears even worse. This sensation last about few seconds but repeats itself every 10mins, what is it panic attacks/anxiety or something more medical . I am not on any meds and have not come off any. Please help thanks.

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Hi love i started getting this a few weeks back and started suffering with panic attacks but didnt realise what was happening i started feeling light headed off balance and as i wasnt altogether here its a horrible sensation and anxiety does such horrible things and plays terrible tricks on your mind have you been to see your gp and discuss this so he can check you over he may be able to help and ease your mind a little anxiety is an awful experience but keep blogging there are some lovely people on here to help they helped me when i couldnt understand what was happening to me still dont sometimes with the pains shakes etc so always blog my lovely friends for advice ;) xxxx


go to a doctor, try to explain how you feel and ask for medication to completely give you peace of mind. a good start is ativan. it will calm you down and you can go back feeling yourself again. there is lots of help out there from meds to cognitive therapy.there they will show you how to handle anxiety and panic. do not think you are weak by trying these not be a hero, please get help. NOBODY HAS EVER DIED FROM ANXIETY PANIC, even tho you will feel like it. its a terrorfying exp. your not alone and not your fault. may GOD give you peace.


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