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I think its GAD but I have symptoms I havent managed to find out anything about

I believe I have GAD, but I have no idea what has caused this and what triggers it. I seem to be getting worse with age. When I go to bed, I cant sleep when I do sleep I invariably sweat so much that I wake up (pillow could be wrung out and there is a full length sodden imprint of me in the bed) I dont have nightmares, and have a ceiling fan on. Driving home from work now seems to trigger it too, when I get home I have to change my shirt through sweat. If I am going on holiday, then for a week before I will lose all appetite, and get a kind of butterfly in the stomach sensation for the week. I dont want to take medication for this, I have been to the doctors before about the sleep, was asked no questions and given a months worth of Temazipam. I didnt take it and gave it to a chemist to dispose of. It doesnt stop me from doing anything but does make the lead up to most things unpleasant, so instead of looking forward to things, I end up dreading them. What frustrates me the most is I can rationally say, what are you getting yourself in a state about!!! I know full well that these things are enjoyable, when I get there I enjoy them, and I am not worried in my head it just seems the rest of my body is. Does this sound like GAD? I havent seen anyone with the night issues I have. I know I should go to the doctor, (I suppose classic male, havent been in 5 odd years) but I dont want to come away with a load of pills which I wont take, and will be back where I am now!

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Hi, my advice to you is to go to the doctors as sadly no one is qualified like them to give you the diagnosis you need. It doz sound like a anxiety disorder but i guess there are many types variations on being anxious and its causes. I tend to find that the underlying cause a lot of the time is something you are not getting off your chest maybe in your case this is why you have more trouble at night with your sleeping and night sweats. I also find that they more you think about the problem and try to over analise it the worse it will get causing you to start to dread the situation and maybe even avoid it like social situations etc. Getting the right help will be more beneficial if you speak to someone now before you end up say like me 24/7 anxious and house bound. They may recommend speaking to a health prof to try to come to the root of the problem if your not keen ont he medication option. Also keep on writing and asking questions ive found this site a real help sometimes when you see what the others are going through it makes your problems come into prespective . Hope you get sorted soon Donver x


Thanks Donver, I really appreciate your reply. I think I am moving forward a little now as I am able to be open and discuss this with my wife. I have decided to go to see the doctor, as its stupid to assume what they will do without giving them a chance! I thought that I was going to be able to work this through on my own, but realise now that isnt going to happen and I need some form of help. I hope things improve for you, take care.


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