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my cat h.b

my cat holly berry coz she is prittier than hallie berry, has had 3 beautiful babies. one silver grey like his mum who is now called logan and two long haired black ones. cheered me up a bit. she is such a good mum. after having 20 ive had to bottle feed only 5 which was fun.not. lol. they spit at us when we kiss them. sooo cute anyway then there was 23 omg lol xxx

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lol , love the names you call them ...flippin heck some more cats , more work for you now

They sound adorable though , feel there is one that you left in Roses garden , we are sure its yours from the last party , maybe you should count them again to see if you have one missing .....dont worry though we have taken very good care him / her...there maybe a party on Sunday , think it would do you good if you can manage to pop in & you can see if this is your cat while you are there ;)





You sure have your hands full, they sound lovely though.xx



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