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Not on emmerdale as well !!

Just having a rant,sitting watching emmerdale and now we are going to have the story line brain tumour,now I am going to be thinking o I have got that or I do that,why do they have to put story lines on about cancer,cos it will be dragged on for weeks.Guess I will have to put volume down when it comes on about Brenda or change channel,can't seem to get peace it's on the radio,newspapers,TV,then they wonder why we have health anxiety grrrrrr

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Thanks for the heads up Van. I'll be avoiding Emmerdale for the nxt few wks. Seriously love, if this keeps up we'll be cancelling our tv licenses!!

Hope you're ok.



I totally agree,or lock ourselves away so we don't hear or see anything,lol,you have to laugh or you would go crazy ,but no they just make people paranoid ,well me anyway x


I'm glad I don't watch soaps and Emmerdale in particular as it would set me off as well.


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