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Oh boy, here it comes again..! I'm in an awful lot of pain of late, and while the pain itself causes anxiety I'm not sure the anxiety is the cause of the pain, if you know what I mean? It almost sounds like IBS or something similar, but I'm not certain. Do these things sound familiar?

- Random chest/abdomen pain, usually after standing up or eating. Accompanies a tight chest.

- Pretty spaced out and lightheaded with some nausea and short of breath.

- I think I'm constipated; it's at least a struggle to pass anything at the moment.

- Random burning in my throat/stomach/abdomen. It usually gets worse when I become anxious and may cause ear pain too. This one doesn't concern me so much; sounds the most like anxiety.

Unfortunately my usual treatment of hypnotherapy, ginger manuka honey and Gaviscon Advance is not having any effect right now, and the pain I mentionned first and foremost is enough to make me fall onto my knees in sheer pain and discomfort..! If it helps I just had to stop Lansoprazole of late and I occasionally lose my appetite, but I do try and MAKE myself eat anyway; a skinny lad like me needs it! Any ideas what I could be going through? ^^;

Thanks again everyone, I appreciate your help thus far. I can tell I'm beginning to improve slowly because I can look at these symptoms with a clearer mind and I'm beginning to assist others when I can with their own health anxieties, but I'd like to tackle what I still do have before I convince myself I have anything to do with the "C word" or something.

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Just an idea - I have been suffering burning sensations for ages attributed to anxiety which has now been diagnosed with nerve pain - fibromyalgia which has a range of additional symptoms including

IBS and 'brain fog' to name a few. Nerve pain tablets have really helped me. What I mean is lateral thinking might be needed here by you and your GP. Take care.


Ive jst bin through the same thing + its a stomache ulcer, its very distressing + does actualy cause anxiety. i know how terribl this makes u feel + so u really need 2 go 2 the Drs. hope u feel better soon wen theyve sorted out ur meds. it was only lst week wen id stopped eatin all 2gether, feel much better now.


P.s if u look up stomache ulcers u will find u hav all the syptoms. does ur pain worsen after eating, smoking, caffine + spicy foods irritate an ulcer or simmular conditions like acid reflux e.c.t. i was also on lanzaprazole + takin gaviscon which did nothin 4 me. im now on omeprazole (stronger than lanzoprazole) ranitidine, antibiotics as drs give u a combination of meds 2 treat this.


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