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So anxious


I have never written anything like this before. But I am so anxious about everything I dont know what to do with myself.

I an becoming agrophobic and very depressed as the thing that makes me most anxious is car travel, or any travel really. I only work 10 minutes from home but am already anxious about going in the car to work tomorrow. (I dont drive). My husband is very good with me, but he wants to go away on holiday and I cant go in the car for more than 20minutes or so at the most, and I feel so guilty too. I feel as if I am the only one who feels like this. I just get horrible feelings of doom as if something awful is going to happen to me or my family. I cant stand dual carriageways or motorways.

I have been to the doctors a couple of times and am now on 10mg of citilopram which I have been taking for a month, but dont feel any better yet. I am relying on bach flower remedy when my anxiety level gets too high. I am also going for an assessment on Thursday, I hope they have a magic wand.

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Hi Nectar, sorry to hear how you are feeling. I have had very much the same problem with car travel, and now find that the best way of dealing with it is by distraction. If possible, on longer journeys I read the paper or a magazine, and comment about items I read, or have the radio on a station that has stuff I can sing along too. On a short one I just chatter on about anything to try and keep my mind off thoughts about crashing. I know it irritates my husband, but in the past I was so anxious I thought I would have a heart attack, and thought I couldn't face a motorway journey without sedation, so I reckon it's better this way! Good luck with your assessment xx


Hi debbiejay

Thank you for replying! I will try your suggestions! I dont know where its all come from, I have been involved in a couple of accidents but one was when was 11 which is a long time ago. Dont know whether I am dreading or looking forward to my assessment so thanks again! x


I can totally relate... I was supposed to go on Holiday to Gran Canaria before xmas and said I couldnt go a week before cos I couldnt face flying and being away from home in case I had an attack..... I know how guilty I feel...... Hopefully we wont feel this way forever.....I think its little steps!!

Good luck

Love x


Thought I would answer the messages above, I can relate to thetravelling from home,I can do about a 15 mins ride from my home, this started on me about 15 years ago, after the passing of my mother, as I always had her to look after in the car, we helped each other, I have suffered with anxiety and panics for many years, but it did ease off a bit when we went with all the family and friends, in our mobile caravans, but now, I am uneasy after about 5 mins, and also I am unable to stay in my home alone, been on pils, many years, now my husband has altizheimer, which makes me worse, I am so afraid, and depressed, as he is in a wheel chair, We have just bought a Mobility car so as we can put him in it without him having to leave his chair, I suffer from agoraphobia as well from Lindenlea


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