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Can anybody help

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia recently and also Type 2 diabetes. I have recurring atrial fibrillation which is kept relatively in control with drugs. However recently because of the upper chest pains I get with the fibromyalgia I have had a few visits recently to A and E. My GP now wants me to go on Duloxetine (an antidepressant) which is supposed to help the pain. He said it would be about 8 weeks until I felt the benefit but I am reluctant to start another drug unless someone out there can say it has helped them. I have recently began fortnightly talks with the Community Psychiatric Nurse because I seem to have now lost all confidence about going out by myself because of panic attacks and shakiness. I have a good husband and a few really good friends who are trying to help me but I feel sometimes I must try their patience. I just want to start feeling "normal" again.

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Hi Hun

I was told i had fibo 10 years ago , i was in the supermarket when I had a bad attack & like you chest pains , I thought i was a goner , no one knows unless you suffer because of the fear I now dont go out unless forced as i am afraid it will happen again

The cold weather as well I find I am worse , better in Summer

I take alot of painkillers which really isnt good for you & i have heard people that suffer can take antidepressants &it can help ; i never have as i have a fear or meds & I already take some for other things & dont want to be taking anymore

It has taken my confidence as well , but the attacks & pain have got less , & I have learnt to live with it , i think before they told me what i had i was frightened , but even though this is painful , its not life threatening so that makes me feel better

There is fibro site , you can google , but dont google anything else , or you might think you have something else , but this site gives you imformation

Have asked about going to a pain clinic , i think there are other things they can do , but drugs seem to always be the first thing they want to dish out , if you dont feel you want to take meds ask what else there is

I no you are feeling bad at the moment , i did at the start , but it does get better , take it slow for now & things will improve over time

I am pleased you have support , that goes a long way , but use this site as well when ever you feel like it , people understand & no what its like to feel anxious , you are not alone





Thanks whywhy for your reply. It always makes you feel a bit better to know that you are not the only one with this because sometimes I feel that the docs think I am a hypochondriac and I always seem to be at the surgery!!!! Will have a look at the fibro site.

Thanks once again




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