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As anyone taken sertraline tablets for anxiety ..I have been on beta blockers but these were only ok for short relief

I suffer from health anxiety having read what other people have put on here actually made me feel better today as you realise your not alone as I was having a shocking day again , I have suffered since I was 15 am almost 40 but the last few months its got worse again it seems to come in spells in the past --am really bad till I eventually convince my self av not got a serious illness

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Hi Mark

Welcome , as you have been reading through the blogs you will have seen as you say you are not alone with this

People are on seterlaine on here or have been & am sure they will geive you there views when they see your post

As for the health anxiety , well like you I am always convincing my self it must be serious & have had everything in my mind & a few more that i dont think even exist , yet we are still here , we have to start accepting this is how we feel & then it becomes less of a fear , its easier said than done but stick around & you will get lots of support





Cheers "whywhy" for them very kind words I know what you mean with the Health anxiety .when I have suffered in past its been bad but lately seems to be worse am on medication at present for ( gerd) and am guessing the anxiety makes it worse and even tho I know that it's still not convincing me its just a case of bad heartburn




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