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work programme insight?

Just when I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel Atos say I have limited capability for work addition. What does that mean ? The doctor says I am unfit for work because of my severe anxiety and social phobia. Avanta say I have to attend and it could take 3 hrs.

They have moved my appointment to a local centre as I cannot use public transport (panic attacks) I know I must sound strange :(

Can anyone tell me what happens there how many people will be there will I be expected to speak ? I wont be able to , I have asked my mental health worker to come with me. I have phoned Avanta they were snotty saying does your worker come to sign on with you. I have never signed on.. She said maybe it would be ok if my worker come. Can they stop my worker coming with me? I couldn't cope if they did .

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i am on the work program and i hate it but since im signed of i only have to go once a month it last for two years and thier main goal is to get you into work but as you are also signed of i doubt they will make you do very much


Thanks for that :)


you are definately entitled to take someone with you - in fact the c.a.b. reccommend that you do as this go's in your favour and gets you more points you are also legaly entitled to record the whole interview. have a look at a site called benefits and work they give loads of really helpful advice and there is a forum as well. good luck xx


hello Hattie..........

well ive just had all that carry on last year after atos said i was fit for work ! yet i suffer from mild emphysema & depression & anxiety plus the horrid panic attacks.

i did appeal and i won my case but they put me in the work group and ive had to appeal that also but i didnt go to my work interview i had a telephone one which you can ask for as we aint all able to get out for health reasons!............

i hope you do call them and get a telephone interview and also appeal it aswell as its more money also in the group you don't have to go to !

good luck.



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