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Feel like crap

Omg went shopping today and my heart started beating really fast for no reason! Started sweating, shaking, feeling faint had to get out of there!

Now I feel like a fool??

Back to square one, things were going good up until today then boom!!

Was that a panic attack?! Took me all day to start feeling tight again! I'm tired of it now! My nurse said yesterday I'm doing well with this situation then this happens!

I screamed at my dad to take me to hodpital coz I'm convinced there's something seriously wrong with my heart!!

My tablets finish tommorow and I'm dreading it as someone told me finishing propranolol can cause you to get really ill.... ?? And I have to start work Monday!! My chest feels tight now I'm hot and I feel sick ????

Is my life always going to be this way?! I feel like an idiot, people looking at me when I'm out because I struggle to hear my dad say your fine its just an attack!

It didnt feel like an attack it went in for ages and was strong, I thought I was going to die right there.

Don't know what to do..... Was doing so well and now I've had a setback I feel like I'm back to square one. I feel so alone even though I'm surrounded by family!!

Was it just a massive panic attack or something more?!

I'm so confused x

Thanks for listening all

A tired and very upset h2b ???? xx

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Ahh luv hope you ok i am feeling the same as you at moment worrying all time my chest hasnt been hurting for a while but have these terrible shakes and light headed and dizzy spells and my heart flutters i hate it so much makes you feel depressed and those who dont know what they feel like dont understand i am on citalopram and have been worried about taking meds in case these are making me worse or just the panic attacks have aword with your dad and with your gp again i am going back feel helpless let me know how you do xxxx


Thank you for replying. I don't understand why things have been so bad today. My dad and husband reckon I'm worried about coming off my tablets and going back to work, I don't feel worried but maybe it's underlying worry?!

My dad is a very sensible, laid back down to earth man, and he keeps saying to me it's your anxiety and panic flaring up. The more your panic about your heart rate the worse it will get, and if he thought there was something serious wrong he's take me to the hospital himself!

I know I should listen but it's so hard when it's happening to you! Nice to know it ain't just me that's feeling blue. Just really upset that I was doing so well and then had a panic attack out of the blue

Feel so upset tonight, and can't stop checking my heart!!

H xxxx


Oh loves, Im exactly the same at the moment. Read my recent Blog & Questions, they may help you too! We all seem to be in a similar boat a the moment. Its lovely to hear from everyone & I take comfort that im not the only one feeling this crap at this time. We need to be positive & think, If we have managed before we will manage again & it will pass! Put it down to winter blues, thats what im doing. All my love to everyone, lets concentrate on supporting each other x x x x x


Hi, i have had ongoing anxiety since feb 2011 and there were points in the time since then where i'd feel like i was better again and then out of the blue like you, i would have a panic attack which seemed to happen for no apparent reason. It is very stressful to think you're on the path to recovery and then experience an attack. However, currently, i am pretty much 100% back to my normal self, and i believe i've only got here because i've fought anxiety, whenever i felt an attack coming, i would ride it out and not leave the situation i was in. It was hard, but as time passed i found the more times i fought against it, the easier it was to pursue in day to day life. I now have a job, go out places, and will be going to uni in september, three things i never thought id be able to do.

Although its hard to accept, you've got to remember it is you that is in control of yourself. When you start to feel panicked just reassure yourself that it is just anxiety, it won't kill you, it won't harm you, it's just panic. A panic attack can only last 40 mins tops, before it reaches its limit and decreases. It is a scary feeling i'm aware, but your heart will race, you may sweat, shake, shortness of breath and think you're genuinely ill, but the mind is strong and although it's really really hard to believe, it's just anxiety. Believe in yourself that you can fight this, and don't give up. You will get better! If you stick at it :)

Keep your closet ones around you, talk to people who understand, seek therapy if you haven't already, that helped me a lot :) I never took meds, but if they help you then continue. One small tip i use, when i started to feel panicked i noticed my breathing would change. Relax all the muscles in your body, and take deep steady breaths breathing in counts of 3. Once your breathing is controlled, it surprisingly relaxes the body a lot more than you think. Or find distraction methods, text someone, listen to your ipod, count backwards, anything to keep your mind of anxiety. Although it's hard, think of the positive, always. Negativity will only get you feeling down.

All the best xxx


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