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Feeling happy

Hi. We always come on here when we are feeling bad, which is what it is for. However i thought i would write today because i am feeling good for a change. I suffer from health anxiety and go through long spells of thinking i have a serious illness. It really destroys my life when it is happening and can last for months. Gradually i work my way out of it and get better. I have just been through 2 months of thinking i have something horrible and i physically make myself ill which reinforces what i am thinking. I've just come out of it and am feeling fantastic. I feel optimistic for the future, can start planning again and am getting my energy back. Although it doesn't get any easier when I am actually in the middle of it, when i come out the other end i seem to feel stronger each time. What i've got to work out is how do i stop it from happening because it will happen again, but i'm ready for your worst.

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I loved hearing your happyness today! :) I have been really struggling for just over a week! had many months free, then suddenly back! How do you build your confidence back up after suffering a setback? ive had around 5 panic attacks today already! :( x x


hi roseylilac, so glad you are feeling great and in a positive frame of mind. my anxiety gets bad if i have to leave the house or talk to people, even on the phone. i am scared to death of having a heart attack or stroke and when i get panic attacks always think the worst. i worry about brain tumors too and when i get pain in random parts of my head i will be convinced i have a tumor. the health issues dont last long thank god but panic attacks are awfull xxx


Hi Rosylilac.

what a lovely post :) I feel the same. I have bouts of feeling down but then feel 10 times stronger when it subsides. Sometimes I think anxiety has made me a stronger person.



It certainly keeps you on your toes doesn't it ! I am a super organised person and am always planning ahead and prepared for anything, my friends think I'm superwoman. Little do they know that it is probably my anxiety that makes me like this, I'm always thinking of every eventuality and therefore plan for it. Its like a double edged sword. Tintin, I don't know the answer to how I build my confidence back up. I keep reminding myself of all the times I've worried myself sick about something and it hasn't happened and I think what a waste of my time that was and I think about all the things I could have been doing while I was making myself ill over something that didn't exist. The more this happens and the more I can reference it the more I can convince myself that its just another bout of anxiety and that I'm not dying of some hideous disease. If any of that makes sense !! If I have a specific worry I think if has happened before and the outcome was ok and usually it had and it was so that helps too. I also try to face things head on if I can. The other thing that I have learnt recently is acceptance, to accept that you are what you are and its ok to be that person x


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