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the fog!!!!!

hi havnt done a blog for a month i think - am forcing myself to do this one as want to stay feeling connected to this site. Funny think was snowing last time I blogged. I like this site and read it every day and find it helpful in lots of ways. I have just been in a mental fog for few weeks now - am not experiencing any specific anxiety symtoms - its just like someone has pressed pause and i'm just living in whats it called now - auto mode or something - can't think or feel just trying to do what has to be done - unsucessfully most of time - auto pilot - thats it! Have add as well and get completely overwhelmed reading every thing and then end up knackered and not replying or posting.

minds gone blank now so will leave it at that.

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Hi janev

I think its always good to post & get if of your chest , so even though you havnt been feeling like it , you have now so well done

I have lots of days when I feel I am on auto pilot as you say , mental fog etc , we do tend to worry & focus on how we feel , whether it positive , negative or some where in the middle , no wonder we feel so knackered !!! lol

Try to accept this is how you feel at the moment , the more we can accept it , the fear will stay at bay , even when you dont feel like talking , try , when I feel I dont want to talk its usually because I am ignoring the signals & then it bites me

Dont worry about your mind been blank , mine goes like that & I feel its natures way of giving it a rest ;)





thanks for your reply - don't know what to say all i can do is stare into space and smoke at themoment don't feel anything but thats better than being full of fear i suppose

bye for now x


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