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Generalised Anxiety Disorder

After a lifetime of being diagnosed with Depression and treated accordingly, I have now at the age of 66 been correctly in my view, now been diagnosed with GAD. The medication prescribed, PREGABALIN is working and giving me hope at last that my disorder can at the least be managed, if not overcome. This latest period of illness came as a result of the suppressed anxiety/fear over a number of traumatic events. which I thought I had dealt with successfuly. These were very traunatic events which literaly involved near death events and it was misguided of me to think I would not need professional help to get through the emotional aftermath. In addition to medication I have gone into therapy which includes specific treatment for post traumatic stress. Looking back on my life I can now see why I have sought out potentialy dangerous activities in order to prove to myself I could cope. This was wrong thinking and my medical practitioner has encouraged me to seek balance in my life rather than the turbulance of seeking out fear with its adrenalin rush followed by ill health. I would be interested if anyone else has had this sort of journey.

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So glad that ur medication is working and uve got hope. I had a lot of stress in the past yrs which like u I thought I had got over successfully. First my long term partner cheated, I handled it pretty good, then for over a yr I lived out of boxes. I was all packed ready to be homeless, as I was private renting at the time and refused to pay rent wen landlord didn't do repairs. Plus had him turning up threatening me. I was always on hedge. At the same time my cousin (29) at the time pass away after a long fight, then finally out the house in homeless accommodation I wud cry myself to sleep as I was on a bad estate and no family around me and felt lonely. Wen I finally moved into my new house, thinking I had got thou it all. Anxiety and depression hit me. Thinking back I had been like it a few yrs but it got really bad. X


I am new to this so put my reply to you in the comments box posted a few minuets ago which I hope you can locate.


Sounds as if its been very tough for you with people being unkind/uncaring. You must be strong to get through all this, and now things are more secure you can allow yourself to be ill.

Thats the way it went for me I think. Its awfull how people take advantage of us when we are low and alone, but that does seem to be the way it happens. I had someone threaten me when he thought he could get money from me, so I called in the Police, who dealt with him and I have heard no more.

Hope you are getting help from your Doctor and have someone to talk to who you trust.

Good luck for the future


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