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In September 2012 I experienced a "funny turn" which lead me to experience all the symptoms below. I have never suffered any anxiety symptoms before which Is why this was a complete shock to me as It was such a change in my personality and my everyday living.

After visiting my gp several times for frequent check up for some reason I can not seem to come to terms with the diagnosis of anxiety. Everyday I think I have a brain tumour and check constantly for swelling on my head, nose bleed, Ears bleeding and I also get sharp pains through my head.

I have experienced these physical effects below



Nervous stomach

Numbness in right side of head

Sharp pain in head

Ringing ears


Twitches in legs


Pain in chest

Sharp pain in eye

Hot nose


Tingling in nose

Numbness in little finger

Sharp pain through wedding finger

Heavy head

Short of breath

Itchy head

Taste of blood in my mouth

Tingle in head & face

Memory loss

De ja vu



Lack of concentration

Vived dreams

Strange thoughts

My gp gave me a course of propanalol to take although it ended a while ago and symptoms haven't changed in fact they are getting worse! How can this be controlled?!

It feels like everyday I am trying to convince myself I'm not going to die? I have just turnt 18 I shouldn't be living in this fear everyday, when am I going to go back to normal?

My gp says its going to take time but it has been 6 months how longer is this going to go on for? I have heard it never goes so I need to know how to cope with this in everyday life because at the moment I'm finding it really hard, I feel down and restricted from my normal way of life because my symptoms are always in the way!!

I want to be my happy self again.

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Hi luv hope you ok i have started with panic attacks recently and like you are finding it so hard to cope with i like you have a lot of those symptoms i feel like u am on another planet half the time and keep feeling really sick and unbalanced and dizzy which causes me to worry like you i really dont know which way to turn and is getting me down all i can say is your not alone love and keep talking to people on here they are great xxx


thank you! trying to put my mind on other things, its hard but i will eventually get there!

my 'fuzziness' in my head is just so annoying it distracts me from everything. It makes me feel sad and so strange, but tomorrow is a new day and i will hopefully be feeling better then

hope all is well with you's!


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